Monday, October 27, 2008

Couldn't Find My Voice!!!

Really quick,
Hello Humans!!!!

Today is a bit slower than yesterday. We did extra magic hours last night at Hollywood studios and I tried to find my voice. Well needless to say I did not. :( I had a head ache so I didn't ride the rides. A big Thumbs up to Small person Nat, she FINALLY got on RNR !!!!!! Mrs. JB talked her in to it as long as she could ride with her. She did it!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of her too! Now all they want to do is ride RNR!!!

No miles today, I was way to tired to get up this morning, but later I will be doing my ab.circuit. And we are planning to do Magic kingdom extra magic tonight. We met Deb last night. She looks great. Oh yes, I saw Byran and his wife over at Dinosaur and they didn't recognize me at first. And Byran will be back in the parks today and we are going to meet up. Can't wait. :)

And we have a ADR at Crystal Palace I haven't had dinner there yet. Can't wait!!

And tomorrow night is AKL hunt. I will be there I am suppose to let everyone know the grand prize for the challenges there but I can hardly speak today. I sound like a squeaker toy !!! hahaha


ariane said...

I cannot wait to ride RNR with you guys!! I hate that we are not there yet!

Matt said...

Have fun Rae! Tell everyone I said hello!