Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Bit Chilly Here In The World

It is cold here!!!!

Jonathan we are all sending you and your family alot of prayers and We hope everything is going to have a good outcome.

The Crystal Palace was awesome for dinner. The food was wonderful. Of course we had the characters and all, the food was really great. I will have to rate this as one of my favorite places for dinner. I did good stayed in my calories for the entire day.

EMH over at The Magic Kingdom was great. We all we together,Byran, Deb and her husband, us, the JB family. I learned a lot about DisneyLand and I am planning to do that next year. We rode Space Mountain,Thunder mountain, Pirates,Haunted Mansion, Tried to ride Jungle cruise it was closed, and we watched the Castle get tucked in. That is so cool. We learned some new little tricks about the stretch room.Very cool.

Tonight my young ones are tagging along with Jb and Family to NSSHP.We are headed out to Epcot today. The later over to AKL.

We put in 2.78 miles this morning. We waited till the sun came up to help fight off the cold air.

My Mom called me yesterday and told me the running shirts have arrived!!! So when I get home I will send out the rest of the money for them and those of you who have paid for them I will send them out to you.

Have a Great day Team Voice!!!!


Chris said...

So jealous, sounds like you are having an awesome time down there! :-)

Shirts are in? Woohoo! :-)

DebWDW said...

Hope you had a good Wednesday and Thursday's going well! I am SOOOO glad we got to see you and Eric, and to actually have some time to talk to both of you. And our night in MK was pretty neat. Have fun and a safe drive home!

Craig Wheeler said...

Sorry to have been late getting back to you about the shirts. What are they made of...I know you've said it several times on here but I don't recall. We both have running clothes that we're very comfortable in, so I don't know if we want to change at this point, especially if these are t-shirt material. Also, what was the cost?