Friday, October 24, 2008

At The World

Good day to all from the Wonderful World of Disney!!!! It is cloudy today and raining.
No miles yesterday.Or today. We will be putting in some in the am though. ;)

I have no scale to weigh in on, I have to watch my intake. I haven't lost any weight in the last week. I will be talking more with my trainer so I can stay om track.

We are in All Star Sports, way in the back where it is quiet. We brought our holloween pumpkin it in the window and we are all settled in. Epcot is open till midnight tonight may go over there for a bit.

I got a e-mail late last night, it was from the shirt guy. He shipped out our shirts already.They will be at my house before I will!!!! Thank goodness Grannie will be there to get them. :) She said she would send us a picture of them so I can post it.

OK all gonna read some blogs and chat later!!!


ariane said...

No fair, no fair, no fair! We have to wait 4 more days

Jeff said...

So wish I was there. Couple more months to go!