Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Team Voice Challenge for August

Hi Ya all!
Man what is going on out there?? No more training? You all stopping? Knock knock on the screen. Here is the new challenge. With some help it has a twist on it. This post will be a bit long but explaining it and getting it started.

For the next 5 months all the challenges are going to be themed.and then the month will need a title.
There are also going to be 2 trivia questions that have to be answered. And monthly mileage,and a crazy challenge. If all is completed you will win a prize that matches the theme,then you the winner will get to choose the next theme, and give it a creative title, then your name will be entred into a drawing for a grand prize in Jan. 09.
Here is the catch.the catch is to win you will need to have a picture of you doing the crazy challenge.without it you can't win. There will be a prize for the most creative challenge picture.I will announce it on the AATM and in October I will announce the Grand prize.

So Team Voice are you ready?

Here it is.
This month is Pirates. Our Matt have it a title, it is "Team Voice Pirates Adventure".
Here is the trivia,
#1. What is the name of the Island that cannot be found except by those who already knew where it was?

#2. The tall ship "The Lady Washington" portrayed which of the ships in the movie?

I am basing the mileage off of the where we all were from June. 150 for expert runners, and 75 for the beginners.running, walking, wog, jog. Not counting cross training.

Crazy Challenge:
This if going to sound crazy, and silly, but hey we are Disney people right? So...

Something, anything pirates,you Must wear some type of pirate attire in one of your runs! Must have a picture of you in it running!
I said Crazy Challenge!

Come on Team let's do this!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! It's GREAT! - how do we enter? Do we e-mail stuff to you? :)


MikeF. said...


Chris said...

The question is "Arrrrrghhhh you ready?"

Ha! Love it! Not saying I'm going to complete the challegne....150 miles!? Jeesh! Best month for me was June and just got to 100, much to the detriment of my legs! lol Not to mention I'm already behind the 8 ball wiht only 7 miles logged for the month thus far...

enough of my excuses though, will do my best!!!! :-) Gotta get the mileage in this month as the MBA program starts next month...who knows what kind of time I'm going to have then...ugh.

Any suggestions on where to get pirate gear? Party store?

Rae! said...

To contact me use my e mail.and I will post under the challenge section on the boards. Use the e mail.
Where ever you can find pirate something great!
This is for fun,and to help keep everyone motovaited! Cornfest is around the corner.
I am putting this on DIS boards, my space,magical mountain,dwt, and ours.

Matt said...

Where I run, I may get shot wearing the pirate outfit... but I'll do the others.

mgreene said...

Congrats on the weight loss - you can see the results of exercise becoming a habit!

Joggerblogger said...

This sounds great :-) Count me in - I'll dig out my pirate gear ASAP. Keep up the great work.

PS would you be able to add my miles to the "Team Voice total" for me please? So far this years are:

January 08 = 140
February 08 = 102
March 08 = 158
April 08 = 150
May 08 = 144
June 08 = 182.5
July 08 = 154.5

Not sure what this months will be around 140 (if my ankle holds up).