Monday, August 25, 2008

Sun Shine, and Mickey Drops

No Doom and gloom today.
Sunday was still just work, But it was way better. My Mom wants to be apart of the races we do. And she found away to do it.She is going to be a Sports Enthusiast. She is going to volunteer at the races we do. We found out the kids can do it to, and use it for high school. And they all can earn tickets!!! I think the first one is going to be the race for the taste, unless they all plan on being in it.

I want to give a shout out to my MOM. She has a blog.{just found out} so go over and say Hi. Grannie's Ear Horn

So getting ready to have dinner, then out the door for mileage. and then chat with the trainer.

Jonathan just keep swimming. You can do this. :)

I will update later.

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Matt said...

Yay for Rae's Mom!!! (I never get tired of saying that!) That's excellent that she want's to volunteer at the races.

I'm glad the gloom and doom is gone for you. It looks like I sill have a few more days of it.