Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today we are sitting making plans on what Disney races we are going to volunteer at. Yes volunteer. I am doing to mostly for the kids. They can gain the hours they need, and earn park tickets. And be apart of something bigger. Our first race is going to be I believe Mt. Everest. Waiting to hear if they need help there. Kids are excited about it.

I circuit trained last night. It was raining so no outside. So far today looks kinda unsure for outside so that means I will have to get on the ole dreadmill. UGH...

I have also been looking into joining a running group here. They do a lot and they could help unleash the madness in FJ. He won't listen to me, so maybe he will do better with someone else. FJ is fast. Maybe than can tell me about the Olympic training for him. :)

Did you see the Dis Friends will be closing down in October? Yep so now what will all of do?? :(

OK I am getting excited here. I have 6 weeks of training to do before the Race For The Taste 10k. My interval sprints are getting faster. I am up to doing them at 6.5 speed. I found out that doing the stair climber, that my knees have become stronger.My out side jogging/ wogging is getting faster. October will be 2 years I have been working at this.

I still can not see myself doing the 26.2. And I want to.
If you asked me 2 years ago about running 5k I would have fell over laughing. Wow how much change I have done, and now seeing the results of my hard work just makes me want to keep going. I have to conquer the 13.1 first which I feel confident I will do just fine. I got my confidence back after doing the Minnie 15k.

I would love to have my trainer there in Jan.09'. I really would. My Dad is going to be there. I can't wait!!! :) And Team Voice members are too. I can't wait to put names and faces together, and see those who I haven't seen since Mouse Fest!!!

Here is what I had yesterday and it was not Slimfast!! Gross!!!!
2 egg: 60
2 tbsp spinach: 10
cheese: 30
good belly: 50
total: 150
fage yogurt: 90
1/2 c friut: 20
total: 110
1 dark chocolate piece: 40
dinner 7p
subway turkey sub : 560
1/2c friut: 20
grand total: 1220
water: 125 .15


Joggerblogger said...

Great post :-)

It'd be great to get the FJ out and running hard - he spanked the Tower of Terror last year.

Not long before the race and then a week and a bit after it's holiday time! YA!

Princess Fee said...

I think we should all be very proud in how far we've came and the changes we've all made. Like you, if you had told me this time last year I would be running a 5k I would've died laughing!
But you'll definitely be able to do the 26.2 - and at least you have some preparation beforehand with other races.
I'll be cheering you all on from over here in Scotland when you do the Half Marathon - thinking of you all!!!
BTW I'm off on holiday tomorrow so it might be a while before I check back in on you - keep up the fantastic work!!! (And I can't wait to see HBK!)

Matt said...


With Disfriends gone, that means you need to get a facebook. Add me!

DebWDW said...

That's a great idea about volunteering. I would love to do that!
Another kudo for your training. I haven't gotten about 5.0 on the dreadmill, and I'm only there briefly! Another thing I have to work on!

Jeff said...

I can not help but think about how far you've come since your TOT13K.

WOW you're rocking girl!!!

Volunteering sounds like a blast too. Kind of like being an honorary Cast Member for a day