Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Run

Well what a blustery day today. It is nice, between the feeder bands form the hurricane. We finally got a break today and we headed out to do the 6.1 miles.

Today was also weigh in for me. I lost the 2 I gained from my cycle, and drop one pound. So the total for this month is 9 pounds. 191. I can not believe it. None of my clothes fit. None. I look like I am a walking bagging person. I refuse to buy new clothes just yet.

Today is also a high calorie day. I have a hard time making these days.

So now it is 7:30 p and we head out the door. It is windy as you know what. Overcast, no rain. I did 13 minute miles. by 4.1 mile my time was 52 minutes. I shaved off 5 minutes since my last 4.1 miles, and 6.1 was 1:21, and then it started to sprinkle. WE had to walk against the wind. And it was blowing at 12-15 mph. By the time we got back to the house my legs and arms were shaking, and my shoulders are stiff. 6.84 mile in 1:31:19. Sweet!!! My best long distance in a while. Next week I will add a mile. And we beat the down pour in.

Next week E will be going out of town to his parents. He is going to the Richmond evening race with his Family. Me I will be at work. I will have to figure out how to do my long run without my support. my daughter has been going with us. She wants to do the 10k too. So for 5 days I will have no E. I have a feeling that his Niece will send him home for her "My Natalie". :)

So to end this month, I didn't make the miles for the challenge. I came close though and no picture from me.We shall see what the winner picks for the next theme.


Jeff said...

Loose clothing is such a nice feeling. Nice job on the 6+ miles

Are you kidding me about no picture? That deserves another aarrrrgh.

Chris said...

Great work, Rae! 191, WOW! Keep it up and you'll be using those old clothes to wax your Mustang with ;-)

Sorry I haven't been more active on the boards/blogs. Just nuts with the yard and now my daughters 4th b-day party coming next week. Backyard is a mud pit...gotta get it in shape in the next couple of days...ARRRGGHH!!!

September will have to be a "long run" kind of month with the Hartford Half Marathon coming up on Oct 11th.

Matt said...

Excellent job Rae!

Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the running - Hope Mr E has a good time at his parents :-)

I'll be here online to shout at you as you do your long runs ;-)