Friday, August 8, 2008

Holy Sweet Corn!!!!

This race is 85% full!!!

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

I was able to put in some miles. And in the day light! It was hot as you know what but I still did it. It was 98'. I did some running sprints while I was out too. Towards the end it became really hard but I made it. We we walking/running into the wind to. I did 4.46 miles in 1:02. My 5k time was 42.0.Love the Garmin. I ran in each mile. Next time I will catch my breathe and then run again, till I get it right. I have too, the 10k is coming. My goal is to try really hard to run it, and the big goal is to do it in 1 hour. I have alot of work to do.
Workout today is the circuit from the trainer, some of it is in the gym. I was thinking if I can, I would try to get in another 2 miles.
And then tomorrow is the Corn fest!!! I will have to put my 5k in after work. I will be tired but I will get it done.

1 egg white:30
1 tbsp jam: 10
total: 130
snack: 2p
9 mini rice cakes, cheddar: 60
ww cream cheese single serving size:50
oatmeal/super : 180
1c brown rice:150
1/2c black beans: 110
2c salad/spinach:30
ff dressing 2 tbsp: 15
total: 305
skinny cow ice cream sandwich: 150
1c ricotta cheese{fat free} 90
1/2c berries:30
total: 120
bread x2 :80
6 slices of turkey meat: 45
grand total: 1300

Here is what I had yesterday. I had a late start and I ended up eating late. We have been getting into a routine walking our new puppy around the block. Our block is a quarter mile.So we do that every evening. So I got up much earlier today and got a better start so I won't be up late trying to make my calories. :)

I have to work the next three days in a row. :( And I have to suck it up and make sure I get some kind of miles in too. I know I will be dragging butt, and trying to use every excuse in the book, but I have to do it. I want to get a good time.

JB I hope everything is going well. We miss you all and can't wait to see all of you in October!!!!

Team Voice challenge is in full swing. From all the shirts I have looked at, I think we are going to be Blue, Red or Yellow. The moisture wicking running shirts. It will have TV 09' on the front and on the back is the TV Disclaimer. Color?? Let me know.


DebWDW said...

You are doing SOOOOO good! And I vote for yellow.

Princess Fee said...

You're doing so well with everything - and that's great running in each mile! You'll do fab in the 10k! And hope work doesn't work you too hard...
And I like yellow too - a complete change!
I think work is catching up with everyone - I know that's my excuse at the moment...darn it!

MikeF. said...

Rae you are doing great. Keep it up. And because my daughter has been obsessed with sleeping beauty lately. I say "make it blue".

Joggerblogger said...

Hey We ALL heard you on the podcast the other day :-) Sweet Nibblets!

Speak soon...