Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doom and Gloom

This was one of those days I should have got back in my bed and stayed there. No instead I take it head on.
Got up this morning to weigh in. I was in shock. Kind of. +2 pounds. I always gain just before my cycle starts. Then my Mickey mouse shaped tea ball was missing. Are you kidding me!?!? I didn't get a hot cup of Earl Grey this morning :(. FJ found it or he was going to live in the dog house. I leave here. get in the highway, and it is blocked from a accident.They were routing us to the west bound highway. I have to go to the east coast. I was late to work. Then I was floated. TO the ER not so bad. 20 minutes later we had a code. :( Nope that one went to heaven. :(

My hand starts acting up. Later I get accused of dumping a patient in a bed and not telling anyone. Me?!? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!!! They wrote the wrong room number. I did my job right. Well needless to say, they made a big deal over it.SO I am hoping I do not get wrote up. I did my job. I even went to check the chart!!! :( :( Then they send me home early, I think because of the crap they pulled. Now I am emotionally drained. I want to go do 2 miles. But I am afraid if I go outside today I will fall and hurt myself. SO I am not doing anything but blogging and going to watch Dan in Real Life. And try this again tomorrow. Maybe they we cancel me. Census is low in the hospital.
Always is the week before a holiday.Specially this one, then season starts, and no chance for being canceled till we close.
Jonathan you are going to have to over come the triggers. And work through the hard part of dealing with the food. I am here to help, always.
So off to my movie and hot tea.
Good Night


Joggerblogger said...

Hope today has gone better for you - HATE rubbish days :-(

On a happier note, went into the funsized ones bedroom and she has made a count down for the trip - under 2 months now :-)

MikeF. said...

Hey Rae I hope Sunday was a better day.