Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cornfest 5k Tie Ups Updated

Hey everyone!
I have been stuck in traffic and lay overs!
It sounds like everyone had a blast! I am missing out!
We will be arriving soon and I have my daughter with me. She is taking E's place. He had some corny issues so he was unable to attend.
I have about an hour drive yet and we will be out hitting the corn fields!
I will update as soon as we cross the corn silk line!!

Checking in. We Made it here!!!!!
Ok we will be hitting the pavement in about a half hour!!!!

Here we are getting ready for the run,

Yep we are wearing bibs. :)

And we are off!
It was hot out there in the corn Fields.
We did it in Garmin time 39:04, stopwatch time 38:04.

My best time yet!!!!
mile 1 : 12:00
mile 2 : 13:00, mile 3: 13:00.I was running out of steam. I worked 12 hours today!!!

I hope everyone had fun, we did!! Great job Team Voice!!!


DebWDW said...

Make it a good one, Rae! You've been doing such hard training, I know you'll do well!

MikeF. said...

Great job to you and your offspring!

DebWDW said...

That time is amazing!!

Matt said...

YAY for RAE (I love saying that! LOL)!!!!! Great job! Love the pictures, you look great!

Anonymous said...


caballerofan said...

Love the picture. You guys really got into the spirit of the event. I can't wait to meet your family.

Pride on 3.
1, 2, 3, PRIDE!!!

Craig Wheeler said...

Great job! I love the idea of the bibs.

Anonymous said...

Great job Rae! Love the bibs.

Magical wishes,


mgreene said...

FYI, 5K is 3.1 miles, not 3.0 !