Friday, April 18, 2008

Wrestling Night

Hi all just a quick hi and I will post time and miles a bit later.
WWE is on and I can blame that on my BFF.!!! Hi Hot Mama!!!

I will have to go back to the Doctors and see what I can do to workout with them to let me back to work full duty or I will be loosing my career at my job.:( I have three weeks to to get it together.{hi Boss} :) Unless the Boss will cross train me at the desk. :)

We will put the Team Voice Logo up in Cafe Press tonight!!!
Promise Mike!!! Promise.{ Mike E fell asleep on me!!!! I am so sorry!!!!

Everyone head on over and welcome Chris to blogging world. . Now can get after him and his wife for training and mileage!!!!! 2010 half. I will be planning on the full 2010 or the Goofy we will see. Crazy I know.

Gotta run!!! The Undertaker!!!!!!


Chris said...

Ya know, I think you've given me an idea for my next blog! Was a long time WWF/E watcher! Takes me back to the days of Wrestlemania I....My father finally got cable and ordered this PPV for me and my friends, very cool...or so I thought! ;-) Hasn't been the same for me since the Rock left though... :(

I'm workin' on the wife for both Team Voice and the podcasts! Even set her up with WDW Radio, figuring it would be the one that would get her hooked (Lou does a great job, along with everyone else..I know, I know...)

Enjoy! "Hit me with a little of that triple H' shhhhhh....not gonna be like anybody"...etc.

Rae! said...

NO no wait ..... Mrrrrrr...... Kennedyyyyyyyyy.........Kenndeyyyy....

Then Whooooooooooooooooo...........
I never watched it when the Rock was on.BTW he lives here about 4 miles from us.......

MikeF. said...

Um so like did E fall asleep again. Or did he overload his circuits with too much WWE. Yes I am going to keep bugging you about this.