Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Team Voice Challenge #4 of 2008

Good Morning!! Happy April Fool's Day. Oh Boy was I caught up in the one on the AATM. And I found out FJ won the 101 Dalmatians DVD. He listened to it yesterday, and turned red all in the face.

Since it is Jonathan The Voice's birthday this month, he made the Team Voice challenge this month. It is Thirty days of Mileage. Mileage everyday of this month, with no days off. I hope to see him keeping to the challenge this month. :)
Now sit up/push ups,I am going to continuing this and up it. The new numbers are 1700 for the month of April. This challenge is for the core =. The core is what carries you through the race and keeps you moving through till the end of the race. With out it you will not finish.

After my post yesterday we went to the gym. I did the proctor for thirty minutes, on intervals, I did 2.17 miles, 340 calories, heart rate 120 -130. Then after dinner, we hit the pavement. At the gym my hand was in alot of pain, and it was just not a good day for it. I over used on Sunday. We had just enough time to do a thirty minute speed walk. I wanted to watch wrestling. So we did 2.0 miles with a head wind 7-10k, and did it in 30:47:84. :)

The hand was just being very ugly yesterday and I trained anyway I didn't stop. I didn't even sit around and wait for fj to come home from his friends house. If I do that I won't ever get out the door. He will pay for being late.
Registered for the Minnie 15k.

Points 32. Yes way to many. I told E he can't bring the junk in the house. he has fallen to bad habits again.

I am also hearing that Toy Story Mania will be doing soft opening while we are there in May. SWEET!!!!

Need addresses for the frames!!!!


Matt said...

I'm turning 21 this month, does that mean that I can go 21 days out of the month?

Do you have enough frames?

Joggerblogger said...

LOL! wait until your as old as me ;-)

Toy story mania will be cool - I've heard that one of the areas will be named "Buzz LightYears Flying Tossers " that has a whole different meaning this side of the pond.

Hope the hand behaves. Well done to the FJ!

Basil said...

1700 push-ups/sit-ups...that's an April Fool's Day Joke right? Just kidding. It's a big goal, but something to shoot for.

MikeF. said...

Good job Rae at getting back at it. I expect a report on toystory mania if you get a preview.