Friday, April 4, 2008


This is the frame. I hope everyone likes it.

Quick update yesterday was crazy.{teens}

miles : 1
points 28
sit ups: 30

miles: 2.0 31:04:05,then a .50 stroll
points: 24
sit ups ; 45

I had to do the sit ups in different times but I did it. The miles are outside unless I post different.

Today I found my really old Disney pictures.They are dated 1973. I would have been three.I do not remember being there but I look like I was having fun. The castle looks the same. I am working on scanning in the pictures and I will put them under Rae's pictures.

Saturday I am going to put in a long speed walk.{8 miles}I am not keeping pace. I am worried that I will get swept. :( This is only 1.1 mile longer than TOT13k. I am stressing. I could not tie my shoes tight enough and I got blisters.My shoes are not broken down I just couldn't get them tied. This hand is really a problem. I have to wear my brace while training or I am in terrible pain.

Well so far no one has missed a day. Job well done!!

BTW the 2009 Marathon medals are going to be the first year of the new design!!!
And the Minnie 15k and 5k are 70% full.


Joggerblogger said...

Nice frames... :-)

If you can't tie your shoes in enough they are too wide for you - only reason I know is the the SP is the fussiest shoe person I have ever met and she speant over an hour having trainers fitted, the assistant went into great detail about fit and lacing etc

The way I get around blisters is by wearing 2 pairs of socks - seems to work most of the time.

Been working away this week - will blog later :-D

Craig Wheeler said...

Ugh...hopefully next month I can get on the challenge. With the issues I've been having with my knee, I didn't want to run every day...need to make sure it gets rested.

But it looks like I'm back on my original mileage goals for this point in our training. But I'm sure I'll need to up it a bit for whatever the may challenge ends up being.

Rae! said...

My shoes are not the problem, my hand is. I can not grip the lace enough to tie it. I have to have E tie them.
It took and hour and a half to be fitted to my shoes. They ordered me a new pair. They looked at my gait again and said I still need this shoe.

Matt said...

You're not going to get swept. We won't let you! What do the new medals look like?

I just used paint to make my blog banner (I just changed it slightly). All I did was copy and paste the pictures in, then colored everything (including the stars), then typed in the title. That was it.

Joggerblogger said...

Sorry - I thought you meant the shoe didn't fit :-/

Hope the hand gets better soon...Mrs Jb has picked up Chicken Pox...scitchy scratch...

Just watched spider3 on Bluray... sweet!

DebWDW said...

I think Lou Mongello is looking for old photographs for something he's doing. If you have any good ones that you end up digitizing, send him one or two and see if they help him with whatever his project is.