Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Minnie is Coming Up

Since it is actually Wednesday Good Morning!!!

We did the intervals tonight. E was running tonight, and of course I will try to keep up. Since he was running, I wasn't making the full intervals running, my breathing was taking over and it was really hard to control. But that is how we did it. So the 2 miles tonight was 30:25:44.Then we walked a half mile for a cool down. SWEET!!!! My thighs are sore and I will be paying for it later. So for today's training I am going to cross train and no running today. Maybe I will just walk a half mile. I did 50 sit ups. points 21.

Did anyone watch the Biggest Looser?? Holy Cats it was good!!!! I am hoping the Ali wins!!!!

We are set for the Minnie Marathon Weekend. We are staying off site,Finishing up setting ADR's.

Team Voice who are there, we will be meeting on Sunday May 4th 1pm in the Land at Season's.We will fast pass Soarin, and then have a light lunch.
You will not be able to miss me I will be wearing A Team Voice shirt. My whole group will be on Sunday. As soon as we are down with them I will post it.

I am shooting for Liberty Tree Tavern, and Mom's Kitchen. E and I want to do Mom's on Sunday, that is going to be our Mother's Day for all the Mom's in our family group.


DebWDW said...

Good job on the workout! And I SOOO want to be there in May with you guys. I'll think about you that day. Wonder if we can do the text message tracking like they had for the Half/Full Marathon in January?

MikeF. said...

I wish I could attend. Keep up the good work!