Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just A lot of Babble

HI good neighbors!!! I see a lot of running going on. Sweet!

Training yesterday only a half mile. Hey it's mileage. By the time we were done with all our home duties we only had time to get around the block.
Points 32. Yes my food intake has been a problem. I am trying to get a handle back on it. I am maintaining but not loosing. GRRRR....
To get faster I need to loose and I am hanging on to it.

Well I am still working on my Father to go to see us do the Half. I have pictures from the tot 13k, and some of the 5k's we have done and then I am going to add the Minnie Pictures. Plus we are working on fixing a pc up to get him on line to see where all this is going. My cousin is going to come for it.{she is the closest person I have for a sister}. for a Christmas present I was thinking of getting him a ride along to use at the Disney track. :) Well it would be the closest track since he couldn't use it on the Daytona track.:)

I will have to invite him to come and see us do the Everest Challenge. And maybe get him to come in October.{his b-day is in Oct.}:) Then he would be able to see what we have been doing. For October I will use the fact that E's family will be here and he will get a chance to meet them. That might work.

April 2, 1899 - Disney Legend, film pioneer and engineering wiz Bill Garity is born in Brooklyn, New York. He will help put sound into "Steamboat Willie," perfect the multiplane camera - a device used to give depth to animation - and co-invent Fantasound.

April 3, 1961 - Comedian turned movie star Eddie Murphy, whose Disney credits include "The Haunted Mansion" and "Mulan," is born in Brooklyn, New York.

April 5, 1965 - At the 37th Academy Awards®, Julie Andrews wins a Best Actress Oscar® for her role in the Disney film "Mary Poppins." The film also wins Academy Awards® for Best Song "Chim Chim Cher-ee," Musical Score, Film Editing, and Special Visual Effects.

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MikeF. said...

Good luck getting pop's down there. Hope all is well.