Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am So Excited!!!!

Training today went well in the gym.I did the precor for 1 hour on intervals. 4.25 miles,cal. 575,HR. 125-135. Now E and I plan on doing the 6 miler today at race walking speed.
I am truly worried that I am going to get swepted. I can tell with training and the time. It's a gut feeling. :(

I have finally got complete clearance from my Doctors and I will be returning to work. I am hoping for Thursday as a matter of fact.Then comes the fun part, getting the days off for the race. My Boss is pretty cool.Hi Boss. :) So that means on certain days of the week I will not be on the boards or blogs until later in the evening. Just three days a week,12 hours daily, and torture!!!!! lol So that means I need to get up at 5a,get to the gym, and do a half hour cardio, get back shower and be at work by 7a. The hard part is finding balance with meals. dinner is the hardest one. I don't like to eat late, but I am starving when I get off of work in the evening. Then get home, change clothes and hit the pavement!!!! Man... finding balance will be tricky.

So I am kicking my own rear end in to high gear here and work as hard as I can to finish this 15k on May 4th. I have already started to pack,planning out what we are bringing. H2o, can never have enough of that. G2 for the balance. Snacks,and stuff so we do not over due on eating at WDW!!!!!
Taking the ole laptop{Simon} and keep everyone posted. I am so excited I can't stand myself!!! well I didn't shower yet after the gym either,I just started typing. LOL stinky!!!
Then after this is all said and done, we have to start planning for October. That is going to be our vacation time at ...... take a guess and the first three do not count!!! YEP WDW!!! JB tot13 k again???
Well we will be doing the Mt Everest Challenge but that is just a weekend thing.

Well go to go up date later, got to find some red running shorts!!!

If you look to the right, you will see the new link to Shirt Shop. I am still working on how to get the darn thing to run both Logo's not just the one. And it will not let me up load some either so this is what it would do.

Training update: HOLY CATS!!!!!
We did a 6.1 miler in 1:32:29!!!! Can you believe it!! I was having a hard time with the time!!! SWEET!!!!!!!! I was in such disbelief, yep even the Garmin agrees. HOLY CATS!!!!


Matt said...

Your not going to get swept! Stop saying that. We have faith in our leader!

Chris said...

I tell ya, if you walk/run as fast as I read your blog....you will compete for first! I don't know if it was your excitement pouring through the page, or the venti-bold from Starbucks that I just drank, but man that blog read fast!

GO RAE!!!! Or as the country-bumkin from Waterboy says "YOU CAN DO IT!!!!" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae! Good luck with the race at WDW and please send me a text when you finish. :-D

MikeF. said...

No getting swept for you Rae! And good luck with the Race. The shirts look great. I was wondering though. Are you still going through another shirt vendor for the actual half marathon shirts?

Joggerblogger said...

Hi :-)

Not sure if I'm going to do the TOT again... I REALLY REALLY enjoyed running with you guys and especially with FJ, but have got to admit i found it hard to run a race after a full day in the parks.

Are you guys running? If FJ or the small one aren't we can look after them for you :-)