Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey Look a Castle

Hey everybody did you see that Jeff over at the Snowy Tundra has left the 200's behind!!! Great job!!! So does that mean during the half I am buying rounds??? I am last one in on that challenge. :)

So I didn't blog yesterday. Busy with the teens yesterday.{sigh}
But that doesn't mean that I didn't put in mileage. ,50 is better than none. And 20 sit ups.Points 24.
I am so hungry all the time again. I am eating around the clock and cut off time is 8p. Training tonight is going to be late but I will be getting one in. We have to go pick up my Mom from the train station this evening and an appt, later than that.

Oh no I just realized we forgot to buy a birthday card!!!!

As everyone read in my blog yesterday we will be having a Team Voice meet in May. I know everyone would love to be there,I will think about everyone. I just realized that it will still be Garden fest at Epcot, so all the pictures I lost from the last trip I can retake!!!

So how are you doing??


Joggerblogger said...

Well done Ray :-) the points are staying down - we find the way to help them is to trough on free point salad and veg... Wished we could be there in May

Rae! said...

yeah we go through a lot of fresh veggies and salad. I steam the veggies.

caballerofan said...

I wish I lived closer to Florida. I am very anxious to see you, E, and so many others in January.

The way I remember the challenge, as Jonathan put it. Was that the first one to go below the mark had the privledge of buying a round of something for the other two.

Tag Jon your it.
Tequila bar anyone?