Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Back Into The Swing.....

Real quick....

star Trac
30 minutes random hils,lvl. 5
.80 miles,105 cal
30 minutes
intervals, 2.17 miles
cal. 305
points today: 26

Back to work in the morning.I hope all goes well.

Ok for the Team Voice Running shirts,the plan is having some made at our local running shop.The Miami Sports Shop. They can get the road cone orange shirts, and the reflective lettering. we have not gone down and made it official. I do know that we will have to buy some of them up front. Fee to set up the template. So as soon I get back into the swing of things that will be first on my list to get done.Also mail out the frames. :)

The goal for in the morning is to get up and be at the gym when they open at 5a. Do a half hour of cardio and then back here and shower and get ready to go to work. Then in the evening, just do 4 miles.

Boss thank you for working with me with next week's schedule. :)
I am so excited to do the race!!!! I know I can do the mileage it is just the making the time I am worried about.
Ok gotta go...


Matt said...

Good Luck with work tomorrow Rae!!!

Chris said...

Hope work is going well :-)

So should we not order a shirt from the link you sent the other night? I liked the simple look of them!

MikeF. said...


The link she gave us is for regular shirts. The other place will be making our acutal running shirts.

DebWDW said...

The race will be so fun, and you have to feel really good about how you've hung in there! Just have fun, and do your best, and feel good about it!