Saturday, April 26, 2008


Friday morning we got up to go to the gym at 5a, but we decided not to.I was having pain in the left calf. So Friday became a rest day. Plus I worked, and walked. I just didn't want to have an injury in a race again. A.K.A. tot 13k.
I want this bad. Bad enough that this is all I do.
We are just 6 days out. Man I can't wait! We decided to rent a car. I will be cheaper to rent one than drive the Mustang. The Mustang I can only put high test in it, and it is running $ 3.99 -$4.09 a gallon here. So the rental we will have to fill once. Mine will let's just say it would be really high. So far the weather out look is going to be really really nice for this trip. Like 68 in the mornings and A high to 80-85. I will be watching the weather. I have been so picky on everything. At work they bought pizza for everyone and I said no!!! OMGosh.... I said NO to pizza?! Yep I sure did. I carry my lunch to track points. They tried like all to get me to have some but I held to my guns. :)
My arm is behaving. I still find it hard to mess with papers and small stuff like that.

Just a half mile today. Points 26.
Well gotta run work in the am!!


Chris said...

Great job all the way around, Rae! Can't wait to hear the success story after the race!

I hear ya on the gas prices! Just filled up with 93 this morning, 3.95/gal. I'm starting to work from home alot more as 100 miles a day is starting to squeeze the gas budget a bit too much! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd better be getting a text when you're done with the Minnie, young lady. ;)


Joggerblogger said...

It's coming around quick - sounds like you are really looking forward to it, so would I be :-)

Turning Pizza down...well done, I still haven't had any yet this year. But we are going to when the small person gets her gold merit badge (which should be soon)

Petrol prices are mental over here - it's £1.09 a liter! a liter... that's about £5.50 a gallon ($11) good job we're all jogging more, it's soon going to be the only mode of transport we will be able to avoid.