Monday, February 18, 2008


Out of work again for another week. :(

Just got back in and my daughter and I did 8.1 miles tonight in 2:02:00 We were going to do the other 4 but she needed to get home and get to bed for school.I think we would have done better if we didn't have to wait on traffic.This puts me at 3.5 for the half.

E went out later than we did and did 2 miles in 21:40:90.He is having left knee pain.It is inflamed. ice and elevation will get it better.E is at 11:50 minute.

miles: 24:99
sit ups: 15
points: 26


Dewey6.55 said...


I just saw your comments over on Tundra and had to pop over to check out your Scrooge achievment.
Nicely done and your pace is at 15

Cool!! Congratulations!!

Phil said...

Well done on your miles Rae you sure have increased your distances from when i last read your blog. Well done!

Rae! said...

Thanks Dewey!
Thanks Phil,nice to hear from you again.