Sunday, February 3, 2008

Team Voice Challenge For February 2008

I sent the AATM an email I was hoping they would read it,but I guess not.

For this month we are doubling the miles. Yes I said double. 52.1 miles to log in.
By now you should know where you stand in miles.How you will do adding more to your routine.
And by next month you should be entering into your first 5k.{hint} Try to enter in one that is a chip race.
Jeff has added his Donald Duck and friends to help you get a visual.

Also a great big Welcome to Matt.He started a blog. Go over and say hi,and support another one of our Team Voice members. I made a deal with Mat that I would go back to posting my meals,with points to help him stay on track if he would post his meals and points. So here I go..

Yesterdays meals:
One egg white: 1
bread: 1
Cheese fat free: 2
Oj: 1
total for the morning: 5
Oatmeal with fresh blue berries: 2
yogurt: 1
total for break:3
1.5 c dirty rice: 8
jello 1 c: 0
1 c veggies: 0
4 point cookies: 4
total for lunch: 12
Late afternoon snack: 2 100 cal.:4
chicken breast baked 3 oz: 3
1c veggies {steamed} : 0
1c of yellow rice: 3
total for dinner: 6
snack: popcorn{air pop} 0

total points for the day: 30

I worked on a different for yesterday and they had my favorite candies there.And they were trying really hard to get me to eat them. I would say no thanking I am on weight watchers and I am training for a half M.And then I would point out that that one piece would cost me 3 points. :)
And the day before we had a bridal shower for a fellow employee and the junk food was everywhere!!!! I did so well, I had nothing!!!!!!! I had to explain why again and now,everyone I work with on my floor is watching me like a hawk!!!! {laughing}
I have to say we had prepared all our meals when we shopping and it has helped a lot. The meats we seasoned,or marinated then put them in the freezer.Today we will be prepping what we take to work for the week. We make 2 point brownies. :) Thumbs up to Biggest Looser.That is where we got that idea. :)

Train for the last 2 days none.The gym closes early on the weekends and My left knee has been inflamed.I haven't had any of that for a while, now I do.I feel good today so maybe we will go here later,and get out there and walk.I will up date later.

Team Voice,Many Goals,One Voice!!!!

This week in History:
February 4, 1966 - Disney's animated short "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" is released along with the live-action feature "The Ugly Dachshund."


Matt said...

Is that Matt me?


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the knee. But I'm glad you're better. Do you always workout with a brace or would it help?

And I think it's way cool that you are inspiring so many people. Great job Rae! :-)

caballerofan said...

Mongello Rae,
It all looks great. Keep your motivation up you are doing great.
Best wishes to E too.

mgreene said...
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mgreene said...

Not sure why you'd need to enter a "chipped" 5K? Of the 35 races I ran last year, only one was chipped. That's usually only for very large races where it takes a long time to actually get to the starting line. At this point in your team's training, ANY races would be good, especially to get out of the "treadmill mode" and into the real racing environment.