Monday, February 11, 2008

One Handed..

I was suppose to work today, but I didn't go in.I have A new issue with the body. Since last Monday I have been having pain in my right fore arm.It's not everyday,It was bothering me yesterday and this morning. I can hold a cup but I can not pick up paper,or hold a other things. I can't wear an ace wrap on my hand at work without permission. So I am going to the Doc's later in the week.I am hoping the pain goes away again so I can type!! One handed stinks!

I didn't train on Saturday after work.Work was so bad I was at the point I just wanted to leave.:( I will not work on that floor again!!!!!!{Hi Boss}

Since I was so stressed at work I had some chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate peanuts. My close friend M had yelled at me about that saying I was blowing my points!! Well I added up the points and I had only for the day and the stress eating , 30 points.

JB I made the 0 point soup.2 thumbs up.It's awesome. We made it in a slow cooker and made enough to plan out the meals for the week and work.We eat a lot of fresh veggies, and raw ones. I just don't put it down when I blog,since it is 0 points but I will add it in so you can see the full menu. :) FJ is not running in the half.He hasn't been running since the Tot 13k. Small person has been running.Will not in the half, yes in the 5k. FJ has discovered girls. Need I say anymore.

Yesterdays meals points are 24.

The 1/2M is 75% full. If you are planning to enter better do it soon!!!

Team Voice 09'


Joggerblogger said...

Hope the arm feels better soon - not good.

Glad you liked the soup :-D

FJ and girls eh! ;-)

caballerofan said...

Hope the arm feels better soon. Doesn't the stress related eating just chap your hide? I found myself in a simular boat today regarding work and stress. I had to modify my afternoon meals because of an early moring choice.
But hey take today and get it out of your system and more forward, right?

Rae you have been putting a lot of effort into not only your health but the whole Team Voice thing.

Keep up the good walk and Keep Moving Forward. I am very proud of you.

Rae! said...


DisHippy said...

Hey girl I hope your arm feels better soon. I've been there too, being a graphic designer I can tell you that I agree that one handed typing is not fun. But hope this message finds you feeling better. Peace.