Friday, February 22, 2008

Hot Wheels and Donald..

Just a quick HI and I did only 2 miles yesterday in 30:07:25.MY arm was hurting and I just couldn't work through it.{just chop it off} Today is better.
Points: 28
Miles: 31:99
sit ups:10

Tomorrow is Hot Wheels Day at K-Mart. At 9a they will be having cases of cars out for the collectors to go through. E is going to be up early ready to go. Plus they have out the St. Patty's Day cars,and Easter Cars. This year they are putting out a lot more mustangs. :) We will have to get an extra set of the special editions and send over seas,add to the box. :)

We are suppose to visit Donald tomorrow too. My daughter wants to do it tonight. she has a new friend who recently move in the neighborhood and she does the runs. So now my daughter is really excited to get out there. And she is pushing me too.{sigh}lol They stay one block ahead of me.So now I need to work up to them. lol I am a work in progress. They were getting small pains in their sides.I told them they need to do sit ups and crunches to strengthen the core and that will go away. I don't have that any more. :)

I guess we are going to Donald's house tonight,{unless the arm speaks louder}I shouldn't say tonight I should say this evening 5-8p. If we do I will update later today.


MikeF. said...

Well Rae did you get to see Donalds house? Hope the hands starts getting better. Did your doctor have a reason for the pain?

DisHippy said...

Hey Rae, hope your arm continues to feel better. And I believe our Disney trip is going to be 7 nights and 8 days starting on the 3rd of June. It might be the 2nd though, I can't remember exactly, my mom is taking care of the reservations because I'm at work so much. But just checking in and if there are any other wallpapers you'd like me to find or make, let me know. Laters.

Craig - said...

It's good you have some people out there with you. It makes it easier. And having to keep up provides motivation to pick up the pace. Sorry to hear you didn't actually get out to do the Donald. Hopefully you get the chance soon.