Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Catch Up

Mike Called me out yesterday. :)
I have not put any miles in until today. I have arithitis in the left knee and it was inflamed for a couple days and it kept me from doing much of any type of mileage. I have it back under control,I use a natural alternative for it.
Mgreene I have only been in 5k races here and they all have been chip races. Just like the one this coming Sunday. I am just trying to give the incentive to get everyone in a 5k by next month.It does not have to be chipped. Just get out there and try a 5k.Once you do one you will want to do more.I had fun and you will get an idea what it will be like at the half.

prector: 1 hour
program: intervals
HR, 120-130, last 5 minutes i got it up to 140
4,39 miles in 1 hour.
calories: 687

Ab. curl: 90 lbs x100
leg ext.: 30 lbs, 4 x 15
inner thigh: 70 lbs x 100
outer thigh, 70 lbs x 100
leg press: 105 lbs 2 x25

We are going to go over to a park and walk one of their jogging trails. I will up date.
oatmeal: 2
yogurt: 1
total : 3
soup brocc. and cheese 1 c: 2
4 point cookies: 4
total : 6
100 cal snack x2 4
zingers: 8
fries : 8
Nutter Butter Pie 1/4 slice: 6
total: 22
total for the day: 35

Monday Meals:
egg white: 2
oj: 1
cheese: 2
bread: 1
total: 6
oatmeal with blueberries: 2
yogurt: 1
total : 3
chicken breast: 4
potatoes: 2
veggies: 0
snack: pancakes: 3
snack: 100 cal: 2
shepard's pie: 2 c: 12
4 point cookies : 4
total for the day: 38

Team Voice News:
The shirts will be coming out a bit later.I am working on getting the shirts in the color we want and style so we can wear them in the race. I will put it out on cafe press And when I do I will let everyone know. E is trying to decide what to use for the everyday Logo. I am working on a couple of fund raiser projects and as soon as I get a green light I will let everyone know.

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February 5, 1992 - Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" is nominated for 6 Academy Awards(R), including Best Picture.

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MikeF. said...

Rae it's good to hear your knee is better and see you were able to start the Feb.challenge. Can not wait to see the shirts. Keep it up.

Joggerblogger said...

Make sure you don't do your knee in young lady!

Good job on the training - what points are you allowed each day?

5K will be a great distance for everyone to enter (not that I've done one) - but getting in to the buzz of a race is great... everyone should enter a race TODAY! that way you Have to train. I entered a 1/2 to kick my butt into training (4 years ago) and have never looked back. It hurt big time as I was really out of shape, but the vibe has helped me keep going.

DebWDW said...

Since I'm in a snowy tundra too (Michigan), we probably won't see 5Ks pop up here until April. So maybe the challenge could be to do one in March or April!