Thursday, February 28, 2008


Not a whole new going on here.

The weather here is cold. It was 42 this morning,maybe going up to 65 then tomorrow back to 75 degrees. I think it is the muscles in my arm are not liking this weather. Everything is so tight.I don't think it is arthritis. It doesn't feel like it.

This will be week number three no gym. :( I am going to try the bike like Mike recommended.It's not weights,and I need the cardio. I miss it.
I am waiting for it to get a bit warmer and I am going to walk today. Even if I am off time. And later when the kids get home the girls are wanting to go run. My daughter's new friend is a runner and they want to put some miles in today.So I will have to get out there so they can get some in.

We are looking into buying a a car. One that is more gas efficient. We have been looking at the Ford focus. Did you know the inside of that car is bigger than my mustang?? E can sit in the back seat comfortably. He can't do that in the mustang. E is over 6 foot. As much traveling we do this will be more efficient,and I can park my Mustang and finish setting it up for the track. :) Road course not drag track. Then we won't have to rent a car to go real long distance. And the convertible we can have for the real nice sunny days.

Ok points 28 and I am still bouncing weight. 210.

No new miles so I did not make the goal for this month. :( I haven't really put any thought in next month's challenge. I have thought that maybe to have a smaller goals for those who are new at this,and a larger goal for the more advanced team members. I will have it worked out by the first of the month. Everyone should be enrolled for their first 5k. I don't care if it is not till June, but be enrolled. I am. We are going to do the Ocean drive 5k,on March 8th. That is down on South Beach. As long as the hand isn't doing like today We will be going. I think my time is going to stink since I have a trying month this month.{sigh}

We are going to a wedding this Saturday,And then our friends are going to Disney for their Honeymoon. We might go meet them up there for a day. I am in need of a WDW fix. It has been 40 days since our last trip to WDW. I am SO ready to go!

Team Voice 09'

Points correction only 17 for yesterday.


mgreene said...


I've done lots of open track events with my '66 Shelby. Lots of fun! I've had my car at Talladega, Charlotte, Atlanta, Road Atlanta, Indianapolis Raceway Park, and Talladega Gran Prix Raceway.

Joggerblogger said...

Is the FOCUS the as the UK one? if so they are a great car.

Keeping the Mustang for track will rock! MGREENE - a '66! sweet!

Hope the arm is getting back on the mend. Hope the wedding and the trip go well.

See ya soon.

Rae! said...

E said it is like the one in the UK.Just the body style is a little different.