Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blustery Day..

It is very nasty down here yesterday, today. The weather is just not good. Pouring down rain, lightening, winds up to 60mph,{yes 60} and very small hail. We are still under a tornado warning. So no training outside yesterday or today.I have to go to the gym.:(

The arm is better some what.I can type a bit better today,I go see the doctor tomorrow about this.It feels like a vise grip was being tightening down on my wrist and fingers.Today a dull ache.Weird. E worries that I may have caused some damage to it,since I have a high threshold to pain.Just like my knee.I tore the tissue in the knee and still waking on it,and nothing for pain.The doc was mad I was walking on it,and had nothing for pain. So I don't do much.Well I try not too.It does hurt to brush my hair.{it's really long}

Did you all get to see this picture??
This is Mike F. aka cp1999. He is out running in the weather in NY, was only able to put in a little over a mile, before he had to stop. To me that is inspiration,and dedication. You are awesome Mike!!!!

Meals points,
Tuesday: 30
Monday 24.

Team Voice news:
We found some orange shirts. I am not sure if I am going to like this one. E has friends in Miami that own a shop and we are going to talk to them about shirts. They also can put the logo on the shirts. If they can get us the shirts and the logo on them,They will be noted on the shirt. I have some other things I have to work out with the shirts before I put them out there.I am not sure if We are going to put them in Cafe press. I will find out,depends on the shop. Besides the shirt for running, what other type would everyone wear?? Input please. I know a lot of you read, and not say a word ,please let me know. :) As soon as the test shirt is done I will post a picture.

I am going,it is raining so hard I can not see my car in the driveway.

I was inspired by JB to do sit ups. I am not allowed to do push ups but sit ups yes.
Monday: 5
Tuesday: 5


Joggerblogger said...

Nice work on the situps - you'll be surprised how they add up.

That photo is mental, but great!

I imagine that E's friends will do a better job than cafe press as I think they are Iron on types, not printed - could be wrong.

Hope the storm passes soon.

Rae! said...

Thanks JB!
I have a shirt that is made by Cafe press, not bad. We will see.
Sit ups, back to the basics. A full regular sit up.I have not done one in years.

DebWDW said...

(1) That looks my neighborhood, and there's no WAY I'd be out there like Mike!! That's true dedication!

(2) I bought an AATM shirt from Cafe Press, and it's pretty decent. But I think it's fine if you get them elsewhere -- whatever's easiest for you. Just one tee for me, please.

(3) Good luck with your hand. I hope it's something minor that can be treated with a wrap and a good drug. We're all thinking about you!

MikeF. said...

Awe shucks Rae.