Friday, February 15, 2008


Here I am sitting at home.

Yep not at work, till the Doctor says I can go back. :( I have to keep the arm elevated, use it least as possible,get a compression arm sock to wear,since I have swelling. He sent me to the hospital yesterday to have a test done to make sure that I didn't have a blood clot. If I did I would be in the hospital,but I am at home. [ thank goodness] I am taking an inflamation med, I didn't get up till 11a this morning.That made me mad, since we are trying to get up in the early morning to do the short runs. So now I have to wait till it is cooler[81] and E doesn't wait me out there alone till this arm thing gets well.[ big sigh]

Doc said no weights,ok to speed walk an listen to by crazy body. So I am typing one handed again,I have my arm elevated on pillows,half on desk,and chair.Oh yes no lifting.
WE didn't do anything for v day since we sat in the hospital yesterday.

This is a picture of Team Voice missing 2.

yesterday meals:
B: 4
oatmeal: 2
soup{jb} 0
snack: 100 cal x2: 4
pizza slice 4 pts. x4: 16
salad: 0
sherrbet : 1/2 c : 1
cone: 1 pt. x2: 2
total:31 for the day

sit ups: 10
miles: 16.89 till E gets home then i will add another 3 or 4


Joggerblogger said...

Get well soon. Sounds rubbish :-( get FJ to wait on you ;-)

Huey3.27 said...

Hey Rae!,

Hope your wing feels better soon.
Keep your flippers moving as often as you can.