Thursday, February 7, 2008

2009 1/2 M Or Bust....

It is really warm here. 85-87 today. I had to close the windows and turn the air back on.
Yesterday evening E and I put in 3.5 miles in the early evening since we were unable to make it to a trail. The humidity it creeping back in and I had a real hard time controling my breathing in the beginning of it. I worked real hard to regain control,I had to slow down a bit but I did it. We did it in 53:55:62.That is going by E's watch. The Garimn has us a minute faster. So which one is right??

Big news..... We are registered for the 2009 Half Marathon in Disney.

I didn't purchase the chips. This is huge. It ask for time from a half or 10k race or higher.We did the TOT 13k and the time in there will put us in the 3rd wave. So I put down an estimated time of 3:00 hours. That is my goal. Mgreene all pushing you can give I will welcome it. Good ,bad ,ugly,I need it to guide me to get that time.

And if you do not register before the end of the month the fee is going up!!!

Meals yesterday:
oatmeal: 2
yogurt: 1
4 chicken tenders: 4
4 pt. cookies: 4
snack 2 tenders: 2
100 cal. snack: 2
HM pizza: 15
salad: 0
A G2 drink: 2
Total: 32 points

I am hungry all the time. I am at 24 points but when you do the worksheet it says 32 for the day. I have not gone to a meeting,when I am able to go there is no meeting.I chew a lot of gum. Drink a lot of water.

I am working on a fund raising project.I can't put it out there yet until I get all the facts. Once I do, I will let everyone in on it. I just have to have all my facts in order first. :)

2009 Marathon Weekend Registrants are:
Jonathan 1/2 M
Jeff W 1/2 M
Mike F. 1/2M
Matt 1/2 M
Deb 1/2 M
Rae 1/2 M
E 1/2M
Jason Full
Heath 1/2 M
Craig 1/2M
Kristin 1/2M

If I missed anyone,Please let me know.

Thanks to RadioCarla she gave me the web page for Grand Gatherings.
Everyone take a look and see what you would like to do.She had recommended the Safari one.For Jonathan {heehee} I will call and get more info.

I have to give a great big Thank You to my E. He has been so supportive,he came up with the Logo,he pushes me,and he has a lot of great ideas. He wasn't going to register for the 1/2. Then he got worried that if I burned out in the last 2-3 miles like the TOT 13k,That I would not finish.

Go over and say Hi to Di Hippy he is from our AATM community!!!!

Team Voice 09'


DisHippy said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog. Also, I do plan to donate my hair to locks of love. It's still sitting in a bag because I keep putting off getting online and getting the form to send it in. But I need to because from what I was told they will get 4 to 5 full wigs from all of my hair.


Joggerblogger said...

well done :-)

I think the points side is working out well, but you could be spending them so much better on fresh foods and veg to stop you feeling hungry all the time. I know that's what we have been doing this last 6 weeks - around 20 points a day...have you tried rice cakes? they are great.

It's so cool that you guys have signed up for the half :-D WICKED!! E rocks! you know he will help you get through. Is the frogger doing it as well?

We are all sooooooo looking forward to our next trip and hanging with you guys :-) 8 months and counting.

See ya soon and keep up the great work.

PS - the weather is minging over here :-/

caballerofan said...

Air Conditioing! Now your just rubbing it in aren't you?
Please share some of those nice temps.
Excellent to see you registered. I can't believe how quickly this thing is filling up.
I put down 2:30 hours. My last Dam race was just outside the 'proof of time' window.
I did just briefly look at the grand gathering page. It looks interesting. Are you thinking about something for after the race? I will read it closer tonight.
Every day finds me getting more excited. I can hardly wait for race day. And I am really looking forward to seeing you, E, and so many others.

Keep up The Good Walk...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae!!! I'm doing the Goofy in 2009. :-)

Craig - said...

Let me know what is up with Grand Gathering. I want to go the WDW Trivia meet on race day. I don't know how many meet type things I will be able to do. I am definitely interested, it will probably just depend on the logistics. Please keep me in the loop.