Friday, February 29, 2008

The Last Day of The Shortest Month...

I went out and did 8.1 miles last night{2:14:23 ]. My total for this month is now 40.09. I am going to head over to the gym and cross train and try to put in another 12 miles to make up for my laziness,and kinda being down from this arm.And by the time I was done with the 8.1 miles,my arm was so swollen,and painful.

Next time I am absent from the boards and blogging please feel free to speak up{specially if I don't say I am going away.}. I have been down and I was kicking all of Team Voice to the curb. I felt I lost my groove. Really I still don't feel all there but I am trying. {this arm is driving me crazy!} I got this great e-mail yesterday and it reminded me of all the reasons why I am doing this and I went out out and did 8.1 miles.

For the e-mail THANK YOU!!!!!! :)

So I guess everyone is waiting for March Challenge.#3 I have some loose ends to tie up on that and I will post it in the morning or later on the boards. I will Update if I do the extra miles and post the challenge. :)

Points : 22
Miles: 40.09
sit ups: 125

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Not a whole new going on here.

The weather here is cold. It was 42 this morning,maybe going up to 65 then tomorrow back to 75 degrees. I think it is the muscles in my arm are not liking this weather. Everything is so tight.I don't think it is arthritis. It doesn't feel like it.

This will be week number three no gym. :( I am going to try the bike like Mike recommended.It's not weights,and I need the cardio. I miss it.
I am waiting for it to get a bit warmer and I am going to walk today. Even if I am off time. And later when the kids get home the girls are wanting to go run. My daughter's new friend is a runner and they want to put some miles in today.So I will have to get out there so they can get some in.

We are looking into buying a a car. One that is more gas efficient. We have been looking at the Ford focus. Did you know the inside of that car is bigger than my mustang?? E can sit in the back seat comfortably. He can't do that in the mustang. E is over 6 foot. As much traveling we do this will be more efficient,and I can park my Mustang and finish setting it up for the track. :) Road course not drag track. Then we won't have to rent a car to go real long distance. And the convertible we can have for the real nice sunny days.

Ok points 28 and I am still bouncing weight. 210.

No new miles so I did not make the goal for this month. :( I haven't really put any thought in next month's challenge. I have thought that maybe to have a smaller goals for those who are new at this,and a larger goal for the more advanced team members. I will have it worked out by the first of the month. Everyone should be enrolled for their first 5k. I don't care if it is not till June, but be enrolled. I am. We are going to do the Ocean drive 5k,on March 8th. That is down on South Beach. As long as the hand isn't doing like today We will be going. I think my time is going to stink since I have a trying month this month.{sigh}

We are going to a wedding this Saturday,And then our friends are going to Disney for their Honeymoon. We might go meet them up there for a day. I am in need of a WDW fix. It has been 40 days since our last trip to WDW. I am SO ready to go!

Team Voice 09'

Points correction only 17 for yesterday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hi Friends....

Thank everyone. :)

I am now on medical leave. :( I am going to be going to another doctor. I just want to find out what it is and correct it.

I spent most of the day yesterday in the doctors and at work, taking care of the paper part. so no miles. today the weather has been bad,and suppose to be cool in the morning, and then get cold as the day goes on.Down in the 40;s. brr....
I have also had to deal with my Ethernet card going bad so I have not been on line till last night. E put a new one in. :)

points 26-36
no sit ups. :(

If it is not raining in the morning I will get out and put in 3.5 or 2 whatever I can get in.Normally when it rains here we get a lot of lighting too. {yuck}

Keep Moving Forward!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still Alive

Just a quick update.....

No Donald yesterday.I had a lot of school activities,and then FJ got sick.
Today he is better and my darn hand is acting up.
I Have a early morning doctor's appt. and then if he still can't find what is wrong I am going to go to my ortho doc.
Point last 2 days 28-36
no sit ups either.
It's nearly 90 out today,and humid. Too early for this kind of weather.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hot Wheels and Donald..

Just a quick HI and I did only 2 miles yesterday in 30:07:25.MY arm was hurting and I just couldn't work through it.{just chop it off} Today is better.
Points: 28
Miles: 31:99
sit ups:10

Tomorrow is Hot Wheels Day at K-Mart. At 9a they will be having cases of cars out for the collectors to go through. E is going to be up early ready to go. Plus they have out the St. Patty's Day cars,and Easter Cars. This year they are putting out a lot more mustangs. :) We will have to get an extra set of the special editions and send over seas,add to the box. :)

We are suppose to visit Donald tomorrow too. My daughter wants to do it tonight. she has a new friend who recently move in the neighborhood and she does the runs. So now my daughter is really excited to get out there. And she is pushing me too.{sigh}lol They stay one block ahead of me.So now I need to work up to them. lol I am a work in progress. They were getting small pains in their sides.I told them they need to do sit ups and crunches to strengthen the core and that will go away. I don't have that any more. :)

I guess we are going to Donald's house tonight,{unless the arm speaks louder}I shouldn't say tonight I should say this evening 5-8p. If we do I will update later today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gassy Ball Of Light.....

So if you were out in the evening training and just happen to look up what would you see??

This is what I saw.....

How cool. I had to wait for the clouds to clear.
We did 4 miles.1:02:00
I was off by ten minutes.I was busy looking at the moon and E was telling me to keep going, I would stop and take a picture.

So my time was a bit slower than I would have if I wasn't wanting to take pictures.This is my first camera that I have been able to take these pictures and be clear.This was at the 2.5 mile mark.

This at the 4 mile mark in our yard.

This is at 11:30p.

Points yesterday 26 points. That included M&M's. :)

Miles 28.99
sit ups: 15
weight 209.5

Tomorrow the Today Show is going to be in Miami.I was thinking about venturing out to see the show.I was thinking of taking the tri rail,down so I don't have to drive. That time of the day in just so backed up.I thought I would make a sign and hold it up in the crowd. It would say Team Voice Many Goals One Voice. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am All Feathers....

I did the Uncle Scrooge last night...

Look what I found in my in box this morning. :)

Jeff Thank you so much!!!! These are great!!!! Saturday I plan to visiting Donald.... I am shooting for 3:15..

I have to do a correction for my points I posted yesterday.I was at 24 points for the day.E checked my adding.

Well I am now excited to do the Minnie 15k. I did the 8.1 last night in 2:02, so that means I can do the 15k in less than 2.5 hours. Again E pointed this out. Now I am pumped to get faster.My goal for the Minnie 15k is 2:00. I am going to work really hard to do this. Plus I am doing the 5k and I plan on doing that in 30 minutes.I am working really hard.That is cutting off 15 minutes.
The best part of this whole weekend is my Mom is going to be there. SWEET!!!! She wants to make a poster board,and she wants a Team Voice shirt to wear!!! :)

Now if I can get my Dad on board... Any suggestions?? I was thinking a photo slide show from Mouse fest,the tot13k,the half,and from this race .I want my Dad to come to the half in 09. Plus he has never ever been in the Magic Kingdom. NEVER!!! I got him to meet me and my Mom back in 2005 at MGM during the soap weekend and then we went to Epcot.He loved Epcot. We even got him in to the Garden Grill and he LOVED it. Then after that I am never going again. :(

Also for the Minnie I think we are going to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge,Not sure just yet.We were thinking of getting the Princess Package. 3 nights for $365. That includes all transport to races and race related events.and some other things.I am just waiting for them to answer some of my questions.

Ok Donald,I plan on seeing you Saturday,in four days..............

Monday, February 18, 2008


Out of work again for another week. :(

Just got back in and my daughter and I did 8.1 miles tonight in 2:02:00 We were going to do the other 4 but she needed to get home and get to bed for school.I think we would have done better if we didn't have to wait on traffic.This puts me at 3.5 for the half.

E went out later than we did and did 2 miles in 21:40:90.He is having left knee pain.It is inflamed. ice and elevation will get it better.E is at 11:50 minute.

miles: 24:99
sit ups: 15
points: 26

Pain Free Morning..

Today seems to be a pain free morning. The hand is feeling normal. That means I may get to go back to work. SWEET!!
I will know later today about that. :) Back in the gym too we shall see. I haven't been in 4 days.I feel out of the loop. I am worried that I will not keep good time in the Minnie.That means I have to work that much harder to catch up. I can do it.

Keep fingers crossed!!!!

Sit ups: yesterday:15
points total:35
The half 2009 85% full

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just a quick up date,

Arm the same.I got the arm sleeve and it is too long.It covers my fingers, and it goes over my shoulder and it made my fingers tingle. :( I am taking it back.
yesterday, 26
so far today 12
training none
I know at this rate i won't be putting in a good time at the 15k in May. :( My arm is painful and it makes it hard to get out there.

You all are doing great. Some need to get off the TM and get outside. Really.

Boys that discover girls oh the drama....

sit ups yesterday 15,
total 55

Friday, February 15, 2008


Here I am sitting at home.

Yep not at work, till the Doctor says I can go back. :( I have to keep the arm elevated, use it least as possible,get a compression arm sock to wear,since I have swelling. He sent me to the hospital yesterday to have a test done to make sure that I didn't have a blood clot. If I did I would be in the hospital,but I am at home. [ thank goodness] I am taking an inflamation med, I didn't get up till 11a this morning.That made me mad, since we are trying to get up in the early morning to do the short runs. So now I have to wait till it is cooler[81] and E doesn't wait me out there alone till this arm thing gets well.[ big sigh]

Doc said no weights,ok to speed walk an listen to by crazy body. So I am typing one handed again,I have my arm elevated on pillows,half on desk,and chair.Oh yes no lifting.
WE didn't do anything for v day since we sat in the hospital yesterday.

This is a picture of Team Voice missing 2.

yesterday meals:
B: 4
oatmeal: 2
soup{jb} 0
snack: 100 cal x2: 4
pizza slice 4 pts. x4: 16
salad: 0
sherrbet : 1/2 c : 1
cone: 1 pt. x2: 2
total:31 for the day

sit ups: 10
miles: 16.89 till E gets home then i will add another 3 or 4

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is enjoying today.

I got up this morning and I went out alone and did 3.5 miles. In the sun, 58 degrees, maybe 59. It was hard. I could not get my groove going. The head wind was making it hard,I was speed walking ,slow jog not for long.By the time I got back around to my 1.8 mile mark,I was at 30 minutes. That was just 3 minutes slower than my normal.So I turned off the Garmin and I kept walking to finish my 3.5 miles. I finished. That is what counts.I also went out side of my comfort zone,and just did it. Now I was thinking of trying to get up a bit earlier to try to get in the 1.8 miles.Since I have to work tomorrow{@ work by 7a} Unless the doctor says different.

I go today to see if they Doc knows what is going with the arm. Today is way better than yesterday.I will up date later.

Meals yesterday:
Oatmeal: 2
yogurt: 1
soup: 0
1/2 sandwich: 2
2 point cookie: 2
popcorn 3 c plain:0
baked pork chops: 5
steamed corn 1c:0
1c mashed potatoes:4
M&M's : 5
total: 22 points

Sit ups; 10. I did ten!!!
plus 10 today :)
total : 30
miles: 16.89 so far..
maintaining 210 weight

Team Voice 09'

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blustery Day..

It is very nasty down here yesterday, today. The weather is just not good. Pouring down rain, lightening, winds up to 60mph,{yes 60} and very small hail. We are still under a tornado warning. So no training outside yesterday or today.I have to go to the gym.:(

The arm is better some what.I can type a bit better today,I go see the doctor tomorrow about this.It feels like a vise grip was being tightening down on my wrist and fingers.Today a dull ache.Weird. E worries that I may have caused some damage to it,since I have a high threshold to pain.Just like my knee.I tore the tissue in the knee and still waking on it,and nothing for pain.The doc was mad I was walking on it,and had nothing for pain. So I don't do much.Well I try not too.It does hurt to brush my hair.{it's really long}

Did you all get to see this picture??
This is Mike F. aka cp1999. He is out running in the weather in NY, was only able to put in a little over a mile, before he had to stop. To me that is inspiration,and dedication. You are awesome Mike!!!!

Meals points,
Tuesday: 30
Monday 24.

Team Voice news:
We found some orange shirts. I am not sure if I am going to like this one. E has friends in Miami that own a shop and we are going to talk to them about shirts. They also can put the logo on the shirts. If they can get us the shirts and the logo on them,They will be noted on the shirt. I have some other things I have to work out with the shirts before I put them out there.I am not sure if We are going to put them in Cafe press. I will find out,depends on the shop. Besides the shirt for running, what other type would everyone wear?? Input please. I know a lot of you read, and not say a word ,please let me know. :) As soon as the test shirt is done I will post a picture.

I am going,it is raining so hard I can not see my car in the driveway.

I was inspired by JB to do sit ups. I am not allowed to do push ups but sit ups yes.
Monday: 5
Tuesday: 5

Monday, February 11, 2008

One Handed..

I was suppose to work today, but I didn't go in.I have A new issue with the body. Since last Monday I have been having pain in my right fore arm.It's not everyday,It was bothering me yesterday and this morning. I can hold a cup but I can not pick up paper,or hold a other things. I can't wear an ace wrap on my hand at work without permission. So I am going to the Doc's later in the week.I am hoping the pain goes away again so I can type!! One handed stinks!

I didn't train on Saturday after work.Work was so bad I was at the point I just wanted to leave.:( I will not work on that floor again!!!!!!{Hi Boss}

Since I was so stressed at work I had some chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate peanuts. My close friend M had yelled at me about that saying I was blowing my points!! Well I added up the points and I had only for the day and the stress eating , 30 points.

JB I made the 0 point soup.2 thumbs up.It's awesome. We made it in a slow cooker and made enough to plan out the meals for the week and work.We eat a lot of fresh veggies, and raw ones. I just don't put it down when I blog,since it is 0 points but I will add it in so you can see the full menu. :) FJ is not running in the half.He hasn't been running since the Tot 13k. Small person has been running.Will not in the half, yes in the 5k. FJ has discovered girls. Need I say anymore.

Yesterdays meals points are 24.

The 1/2M is 75% full. If you are planning to enter better do it soon!!!

Team Voice 09'

Friday, February 8, 2008

Jog 3!!!

Some sad news today here in S florida.A runner was hit by a car and died.The driver left the scene.And another one was attacked on UM running the loop. This is why I won't go out alone.

Work was a bear today. :(
I will post my meals for today on Sunday, I did real well.I have to make this short.
No training yesterday, I just ran out of time.

Tonight after work, we went out and did the 3.5 miles. I started out speed walking and went 6 houses and I went in to a slow jog and just kept going. I did a steady 2 miles before i had to slow down to speed walk.I did the 2 miles in 27.54 minutes, walked a 1/2 mile and went back into the jog. I had to slow down again but I did it in 53: 42 minutes. I was jogging!!!! I really was jogging.Last year this time, I couldn't do that at all. :)

I can't believe it!!!
I will add you Kate.:)
Yes please look at the Grand Gatherings link I listed on yesterdays post and Maybe we all can get together and do that after the Half next year. All of us.I think there is 3 to choose from. I think that would be cool. I think it would be cool to do in October JB{hint}

OK I have to get to bed and get to work in the Am. I will try to say hi tomorrow!!!

Team Voice 09'

Thursday, February 7, 2008

2009 1/2 M Or Bust....

It is really warm here. 85-87 today. I had to close the windows and turn the air back on.
Yesterday evening E and I put in 3.5 miles in the early evening since we were unable to make it to a trail. The humidity it creeping back in and I had a real hard time controling my breathing in the beginning of it. I worked real hard to regain control,I had to slow down a bit but I did it. We did it in 53:55:62.That is going by E's watch. The Garimn has us a minute faster. So which one is right??

Big news..... We are registered for the 2009 Half Marathon in Disney.

I didn't purchase the chips. This is huge. It ask for time from a half or 10k race or higher.We did the TOT 13k and the time in there will put us in the 3rd wave. So I put down an estimated time of 3:00 hours. That is my goal. Mgreene all pushing you can give I will welcome it. Good ,bad ,ugly,I need it to guide me to get that time.

And if you do not register before the end of the month the fee is going up!!!

Meals yesterday:
oatmeal: 2
yogurt: 1
4 chicken tenders: 4
4 pt. cookies: 4
snack 2 tenders: 2
100 cal. snack: 2
HM pizza: 15
salad: 0
A G2 drink: 2
Total: 32 points

I am hungry all the time. I am at 24 points but when you do the worksheet it says 32 for the day. I have not gone to a meeting,when I am able to go there is no meeting.I chew a lot of gum. Drink a lot of water.

I am working on a fund raising project.I can't put it out there yet until I get all the facts. Once I do, I will let everyone in on it. I just have to have all my facts in order first. :)

2009 Marathon Weekend Registrants are:
Jonathan 1/2 M
Jeff W 1/2 M
Mike F. 1/2M
Matt 1/2 M
Deb 1/2 M
Rae 1/2 M
E 1/2M
Jason Full
Heath 1/2 M
Craig 1/2M
Kristin 1/2M

If I missed anyone,Please let me know.

Thanks to RadioCarla she gave me the web page for Grand Gatherings.
Everyone take a look and see what you would like to do.She had recommended the Safari one.For Jonathan {heehee} I will call and get more info.

I have to give a great big Thank You to my E. He has been so supportive,he came up with the Logo,he pushes me,and he has a lot of great ideas. He wasn't going to register for the 1/2. Then he got worried that if I burned out in the last 2-3 miles like the TOT 13k,That I would not finish.

Go over and say Hi to Di Hippy he is from our AATM community!!!!

Team Voice 09'

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Catch Up

Mike Called me out yesterday. :)
I have not put any miles in until today. I have arithitis in the left knee and it was inflamed for a couple days and it kept me from doing much of any type of mileage. I have it back under control,I use a natural alternative for it.
Mgreene I have only been in 5k races here and they all have been chip races. Just like the one this coming Sunday. I am just trying to give the incentive to get everyone in a 5k by next month.It does not have to be chipped. Just get out there and try a 5k.Once you do one you will want to do more.I had fun and you will get an idea what it will be like at the half.

prector: 1 hour
program: intervals
HR, 120-130, last 5 minutes i got it up to 140
4,39 miles in 1 hour.
calories: 687

Ab. curl: 90 lbs x100
leg ext.: 30 lbs, 4 x 15
inner thigh: 70 lbs x 100
outer thigh, 70 lbs x 100
leg press: 105 lbs 2 x25

We are going to go over to a park and walk one of their jogging trails. I will up date.
oatmeal: 2
yogurt: 1
total : 3
soup brocc. and cheese 1 c: 2
4 point cookies: 4
total : 6
100 cal snack x2 4
zingers: 8
fries : 8
Nutter Butter Pie 1/4 slice: 6
total: 22
total for the day: 35

Monday Meals:
egg white: 2
oj: 1
cheese: 2
bread: 1
total: 6
oatmeal with blueberries: 2
yogurt: 1
total : 3
chicken breast: 4
potatoes: 2
veggies: 0
snack: pancakes: 3
snack: 100 cal: 2
shepard's pie: 2 c: 12
4 point cookies : 4
total for the day: 38

Team Voice News:
The shirts will be coming out a bit later.I am working on getting the shirts in the color we want and style so we can wear them in the race. I will put it out on cafe press And when I do I will let everyone know. E is trying to decide what to use for the everyday Logo. I am working on a couple of fund raiser projects and as soon as I get a green light I will let everyone know.

February 5, 1953 - Disney's 14th animated film, "Peter Pan" (based on James M. Barrie's 1904 story), opens at the Roxy Theatre in New York City.

February 5, 1992 - Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" is nominated for 6 Academy Awards(R), including Best Picture.

February 6, 1959 - Elias Disney (the future father of Walt Disney) is born to Kepple Disney II and Mary Richardson in Bluevale, Ontario, Canada.

February 7, 1940 - Disney's animated feature film "Pinocchio" (based on the 19th century book by Carlo Collodi) premieres at the Central Theatre in New York City.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Logo For Team Voice

Twice in one day,pretty good.For good reason. Team Voice Logos.

This is what we started with.Now this will be the front of the shirt.

This is the back logo.

Road cone orange and the Team Voice 09 will be the reflective color. Still working on the back.

This is what the front of my Minnie shirt will look like.
So what do you think????

Team Voice Challenge For February 2008

I sent the AATM an email I was hoping they would read it,but I guess not.

For this month we are doubling the miles. Yes I said double. 52.1 miles to log in.
By now you should know where you stand in miles.How you will do adding more to your routine.
And by next month you should be entering into your first 5k.{hint} Try to enter in one that is a chip race.
Jeff has added his Donald Duck and friends to help you get a visual.

Also a great big Welcome to Matt.He started a blog. Go over and say hi,and support another one of our Team Voice members. I made a deal with Mat that I would go back to posting my meals,with points to help him stay on track if he would post his meals and points. So here I go..

Yesterdays meals:
One egg white: 1
bread: 1
Cheese fat free: 2
Oj: 1
total for the morning: 5
Oatmeal with fresh blue berries: 2
yogurt: 1
total for break:3
1.5 c dirty rice: 8
jello 1 c: 0
1 c veggies: 0
4 point cookies: 4
total for lunch: 12
Late afternoon snack: 2 100 cal.:4
chicken breast baked 3 oz: 3
1c veggies {steamed} : 0
1c of yellow rice: 3
total for dinner: 6
snack: popcorn{air pop} 0

total points for the day: 30

I worked on a different for yesterday and they had my favorite candies there.And they were trying really hard to get me to eat them. I would say no thanking I am on weight watchers and I am training for a half M.And then I would point out that that one piece would cost me 3 points. :)
And the day before we had a bridal shower for a fellow employee and the junk food was everywhere!!!! I did so well, I had nothing!!!!!!! I had to explain why again and now,everyone I work with on my floor is watching me like a hawk!!!! {laughing}
I have to say we had prepared all our meals when we shopping and it has helped a lot. The meats we seasoned,or marinated then put them in the freezer.Today we will be prepping what we take to work for the week. We make 2 point brownies. :) Thumbs up to Biggest Looser.That is where we got that idea. :)

Train for the last 2 days none.The gym closes early on the weekends and My left knee has been inflamed.I haven't had any of that for a while, now I do.I feel good today so maybe we will go here later,and get out there and walk.I will up date later.

Team Voice,Many Goals,One Voice!!!!

This week in History:
February 4, 1966 - Disney's animated short "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" is released along with the live-action feature "The Ugly Dachshund."