Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Does Tower Of Terror 13k Mean To You? {36}

Just as the tittle says.What does it mean to you?? Is it just another race,or is it your first,or your first at WDW?

Well for me this is going to be an emotional race.

Before I met E I was married.I thought he was Mr.Right. I would start to train, or workout in one way or another he was not a positive support. So 5 years later here I am. No 6 years,E and I have been together 1 1/2 yrs. And over weight. I gained my weight in that 5 years.

Last September we started walking,and biking. Then in October 06 we were putting out Halloween decorations I slipped and fell and I damaged my good knee.I already have a bad one. So I had had to have surgery to clean it up.I was off my feet all of October,and November.I did physical therapy.As soon as I got the ok I was back out walking.My Ortho. Doctor does not want me running if I can speed walk it go for it. I have been running.My knees haven't been the problems. While I was out I gained some weight back that I lost.

Then I was reading the DWT and how everyone was wanting to do the same thing I was. Then I came across Jonathan.He help as fuel to the fire to keep going.Then Kate. He inspired you to start a blog and he was doing the same to me.Then JB.The mileage man.And all his great pictures. I missed the 2008 1/2 m sign up from the muscle injury.I sure won't miss the 2009 1/2 M.We are doing the family fun run in AK in 2008.I want to be there and cheer everyone on from WDT.Help out to if I can. Plus that weekend is E's birthday weekend and I am trying to get a surprise set up for him while there that weekend. :)

So I cry over everything.I am emotional person. And when we get there I have to stay focus,and not get caught up in the Disney atmosphere. {I love WDW and I just can't get enough of being there}.I want to finish that race and I want a picture of me crossing that finish line, and then one with my medal and Mickey. I am a picture person.I have pictures of everything.

I want pictures of those of us from the blogs cause I never made friends before over the internet.And to meet you guys and knowing that we all have the same goal and the love for the same place makes it so overwhelming. :)

My friend who I made through my ex ,she will be more than happy to show off the picture of me with my medal to my ex. That will be the closing that I need on that chapter.

To top it all off E's family is coming.My Dad is just well he doesn't like WDW,and he hasn't been there to know if he will like it.My mom she just can't make it,next year she will.And this is my first official race.

So this is what is race means to me and my emotions are running high.

I am raising money for Jon and he doesn't even know it yet and I hope it stays that way till Dec.8th.I want to bring him a check,from the race and the pins on ebay. :)


Joggerblogger said...

What it means to me...

Well it's the first time I will have run a race in Florida. I have run up and down iDrive a few times, but I must admit that the heat is a worry.

I'm also looking forward to meeting you guys - likewise I have never met up with people that I've met through blogging. And also from a group of friends that have helped encourage me and keep me out running when I really, really didn't feel like it.

And then there's the Disney side to the event - I've always loved Disney since I was little (my fav film was 'one of our dinosaurs is missing' when I was funsized. So running this race at MGM will rock.

So here's to friends, blogs and running :-)

Rae! said...


Anonymous said...

What it means to me...

A chance to run in my laughing place. I've worked out for years but I never ran. I didn't like it. Then I heard Lou talk about running in the WDW 1/2M and I was hooked. I had to run for Disney.

Then I heard Jon talk about his running and losing weight and I supported him and started my own blog.

It's great to be able to share running and Disney with people that 'Get It.'

I've always been a loner and it's really cool that we have all come together on the internet. It really helps keep me motivated.

Thank you. :-)