Sunday, September 16, 2007

Walking Day #2

I am not sure if my ipod was right today with the time on the stop watch.

I am in awe of it.I never thought I was going to be able to get to this point.I can remember when I was walking this in 90 minutes for just the 4 miles.I had to talk myself up to keep going tonight.And it worked.

Do you want to hear the time?? Well read it???

It gave me goose bumps when I looked at the time. Oh yea I was walking and jogging too.My jogging intervals were a little longer and walked more .I was having a hard time keeping my breathing in tune.This time E did not slow down, and I had to do my best to keep up with him and I had a rough time to keep a 3 persons length or I would have just got real slow.

TIME 1:00:37

Shaved off another 5 minutes.Can I maintain this??I sure want to.:)
I was so excited when we made it to the house I was without words.I get goose bumps now just thinking about it.

B:two engish muffins,with cheese and OJ
L:salad 1 tbsp of dressing,cinnamon bun{ bad I know}
D: home made meat balls,eggs noodles,veggie,1/2 glass milk
D: small piece of brownie,with frozen yogurt.
NO more desserts until next Sunday.

I was canceled today from work so While I was I still up I watch the Big fat looser.I tivo it. I was interested in how they were helping these people loose weight. The whole show was just so inspiring. after watching the show all I wanted to do was go in and jump on E and get him up and get out the door. It comes on Tuesday evenings here and it is worth watching. I have work with people that come in to the hospital that are heavier than some of the ones on the show and it is amazing to see them jogging. Yes jogging.

Miles this week:
R: 4

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Kate I caught up to you in mileage!!!!!I am just a 1/2 mile behind you!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

Well done :-D

Love the burger poster LOL!

londonjogger said...

that sounds like ' a result' ! as we say in cockney london....:P

Anonymous said...

You're rockin Rae! Great job.