Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update.... Training

We went and trained today.

E:7.82 miles,20 min,,lvl.8
R: 6.93 miles,20 min.,lvl.6

E: 1.43 miles, in 20 min., fat burn program
R: .93 miles,in 20 min.,fat burn program

E: 1.43 in 15 min.,
R: .91 in 15 min.

For me tonight on the fat burn program,the program wants you to maintain a heart rate.Mine is 120.So to maintain it I had to go slower the time and I was able to keep it 120-123.
On the TM I ran 8 minutes out of 15.I had to walk the rest cause my right calf muscle became so tight I could not bend my foot.And I had to walk it off.They both use to do that,but now it is only the right one.

Miles this week:

Oh yes before I forget,I received my confirmation e-mail for c25.The last day was yesterday to register. I did mine last week and I was worried that I didn't make it and sent a second and I made it.WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

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