Saturday, September 8, 2007

On The Computer Today

Happy weekend!! I m actually off this whole weekend.

We are putting the house back together.All the ceilings are painted,the roof is done and now we are just waiting on the insurance to release the the last part of the check.Today we do the wall paper in the bathroom.

This is my new shower certain.

This is the shower certain rings.

Work miles yesterday 5 miles.
Today we may walk the 8 miles again.

B: cinnamon bun and OJ
L: sandwich,ice tea

Londonjogger glad you are doing better,JB feel better.

Kate Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I like to read everyone's blog to see how we all are doing .I know I have been real busy lately and I have been unable to blog like I was doing.I will work on getting better at that.I get inspired by everyone and I hope to help keep everyone inspired.

I have only put up one of the large pins on ebay later today I will put the rest of them up there.I am going to ask Lou if I can post them on his site too. it's pyrple04car and if you search for a person or seller you can find me and I will try to get the link up. Should I compare the size of this pin to a regular size one?

Those of us who are going to the TOT next month.Do you all want to share cell numbers to contact each other while at the Kingdom??If so we can e mail each other and exchange them.

Train hard,have fun.,stay injury free!!!!

Miles this week:{My week ends today}


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea Rae. I'll send you a PM through the DWT forum with my personal info. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, If orgot. I love the Wild Waves. :-]