Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Training.....

Good day!!!!

Training goes like this...
walk/jog 4 miles,1:05:03.This is the first time I have been able to add in some jogging in.Shaved off 3 minutes.I warmed up, then run 4 houses and walk about eight. I started to slow down, and E had to chime in and lets go,you can do this.He is the best. :)

I got a new pair of shoes.It was funny.We would try on the shoes and then walk around the store to see how they would do. I have a pair of adidas .They feel like I am walking on a well padded floor.Then for work I got a pair of brooks gel.

Well ADR"s {which means...} but I know what you are asking Kate.
The plan goes like this.Thursday the 25th we plan to arrive in the late afternoon.{Kids only have a half day and no school on friday}.Then check in and depending on what time it is hang out and go to the pool or hit a park.E's mom and sister are driving down from Virginia.E"s sister is running in the 13k with us and their mom is going to watch the little one while we do the run.Then on friday we are going to take them over to AK {they haven't been yet},then by 1p or 2p go back to the room and rest up for the MNSSHP. Saturday morning early is chef mickey,then Epcot and then back to the room to rest for the race.Their will be 5 of us in the race.Then on Sunday maybe park hop all day.Leave on Monday.Yes we all are staying at the POP.We are suppose to get an adjoining rooms.I can send you a message when we get up there.

B: missed
L: bagel,egg,cheese,OJ
D: pork chop,brown rice,veggie

I missed breakfast cause I did not get up early enough to stick to the schedule.I did get up at 7:30 though.Try again. I didn't get out in the morning either but I got out there.Try again

Here is a couple of pictures of the cats playing in some Disney bags today.And my pin bag.
Silly kitties.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!

Ending miles this week:
E: 8 miles
R: 29.02 miles

Oh yeah before I around everyone and hands in the middle and on the count of three lets say...for Jon main street awaits........ready 1..2...3.... MAIN STREET AWAITS !!

Great job everyone!!!!!! Great job!!


Anonymous said...


I like the pink shoes. :-)

I arrive on Thurday afternoon too and Randall and Aidan arrive on Saturday. I can't wait to meet everyone.

caballerofan said...

Hi Rae,

Good for you on ramping it up this week. It's great that you have support right there pushing you along.

Wish I could be down there for the TOT13k. I will do the next best I can. I will be running the trails around my nieghborhood that evening and will finish by listening to a binaural ride thru of TOT. Not the same as being there but hey it's something.

Thanks due to the inspiration of Jonathan and folks like you and Kate I have come a long way in the past few months.

I have designated Saturday as my long run day and have been able to reach 8 miles over the past few weekends.

Best wishes on all your goals and thanks for supporting Jon and being an inspiration.

Jeff W

Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the miles :-)

Nice cats. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys bigtime - Not sure what to do about arranging it all, my mobile might cost too much to use (perhaps take it over to email and I can nab a number to ring from thr room in Florida).


Rae! said...

That would work JB.want me to e-mail you or you e-mail me???

Joggerblogger said...

Cool - my email is: