Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Here we all are a new month.The last month before the big 13k.I have been reading everyone's blogs to catch up.We have been so busy trying to get the final touches done on the house so we do not have to worry about it.I will be posting more pictures on E"s my space later today of the bathroom and the customs E has been working on.Yes and our kitchen ceiling is just about done too.

Our roof is done but it did not pass inspection and the roofer has t come back out and correct the errors and they have not done that.The mortgage company is releasing the rest of the money to pay them but we will not pay them till we pass inspection.Then on with the next phase will be closing in the back patio to make another room.

Ok last night we got out there and did 8 miles.We did it in 2:03:12!!!!WE shaved off 11 minutes!!!! That is speed walking.I threw in a small jog at the end.Today is cross train on bikes.

We are down to the last month before the race and I am so pumped up I can't hardly stand myself.I want to shave off more time.I am thinking of the inclines in the road to account for.So random hills here I come.

Also I have mention that I came up with the idea of help raising money for the race.I did.I have an ebay account and I will be selling the large Disney pins on their.I have 4 large ones I want to sell.Plus I am asking everyone at work to sponsor us at the run.I have made a list and those who do sponsor us I will post the list and send them thanking notes.But here's the good part.As long as no one tells Jonathan, I will bring all the money that We have raised,to the Mousefest and present it to him in front of everyone there.I will video tape that and post it.How cool would that be????I will also provide him with the list of people that sponsored us.Well thoughts???Comments??Wanna help???? Oh yes my ebay name is purple04car.
I have a new phone so now when I go out of town I can be in contact.I also can reach the internet from my phone and respond to e mails and blog.I also have messenger too.It's cool.I would like to get the I phone but I am waiting to get that.Waiting on the second generation of it.

Also I bought my domain name.I am trying to do other things with making that a legal non profit business to continue collecting for the cause.It has been very busy classes,kids in school and construction it's busy.

Everyone out there have a blast and a great day!!!!!!!

Train hard, have fun, stay injury free!!!!!!!

Mils this week:
E: 8

Miles for the month of August work and training total is 111.20
E total for August is 56.27.


Joggerblogger said...

Good to have you back :-)

Busy Busy Busy - good idea on raising money. The last 2 half marathons I ran I raised money for cancer research (cancer sucks!) It reall helps you around knowing that your effort is going to help someone else.

Hope you liked the pic :-)

Rae! said...

Yes I do like the pic!!!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Cool :-) my daughter wanted to nick it when I had finished it...

Anonymous said...

The fund raising sounds great Rae. I also like your idea for Mousefest. I thought you were not going to be able to go. I guess things changed and you are? Taht's great. :-)

Sounds like the house stuff is coming along too. :-)

Congrats on the 8 miles. 15 minute miles is wonderful, especially at a fast walking pace. Sounds like you're ready.

Rae! said...

Thanks Kate.We are only going to run up to Disney for the day to do that for Jonathan.We won't be able to stay.

Rae! said...

JB kids always in stuff we do. :)