Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yesterday the computer crashed,it has a temporary fix till I go get a windows xp to get the other computer up and running.

We had a good long hard rain.And guess what.....The roof is leaking.Yes I can not believe it.Now the flat roof in the back is leaking and probably has since the hurricane.Now E has to contact the insurance compant to come back out and look again and give a estimate for that.It leaked through the new ceiling in the kitchen. :(

We were up late yesterday getting the house back into order so no training yesterday or today.And back towork in the am.But everything looks great.

Mileage this week:

I will track my work mileage tomorrow and plus maybe get out there and cross train.
since this is a temp fix I have no pictures to up load. :(


Anonymous said...

oops.. leaky roofs.. must be tough getting your place back in order after all that leaking

Joggerblogger said...

Hope that you get it sort ASAP :-/ must be doing your heads in.