Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad Roofer,Bad Roofer...
This is funny when I need a good laugh I go here.

What would you do if your roof looked like this??

This is a part of the roof on the left side of the house.Does this look finished?? It does not look finished to me.It looks like it is missing a lot of shingles. here's another...

This is the other side of the roof on the right side ,does this look finished to you???? Not to me.

Here is another.......

This isn't the greatest picture can you see the missing shingles?? Would you be mad if your roofer did this to you???The neighbors roofs do not look goofy like this.Would you pay the roofer??Would you want it fixed?? The roof leaks worse than before. It looks like it is missing three rows of shingles.

This is the center of the roof.The tape measure is showing where the pitch of the roof starts,for the flat roof. Is it missing shingles? I think there are three rows missing. The roofer said that they can not shingle there,but they pulled up the shingles there.And dried it in,but would not put the shingles back. That big space runs across the whole top of the roof in between the pictures above. And the roof leaks. :(

This is a piece of wood that was used to hold down the blue tarps. The roofers said they didn't notice it.That's funny they dried in that part of the roof and again there is no shingles. Plus those are new nails in that piece of wood. That was over the kitchen .That is why It was leaking and the roofer said he is not responsible for it,or the damage from the roof leaking on the new ceiling in the kitchen.

This is a nail in the roof they said they didn't notice,in the roof.That is a part of the roof they dried in.Again no shingles,but a nice new shiny nail that was over the kitchen that was leaking.Again they say that they are not responsible.

So today we are being harassed by the contractor cause we are withholding the payment and the bank has not released the whole check.We have the city building inspector coming out to show us what is the pitch and why does the roof look so much different they everyone else's.

There is also a hump in the shingles,no one else has a hump.But the roofer now has offered to fix the roof for a extra amount, and he will eat some of the fee.With out a permit.NO PERMIT! Do you know the fines that would be placed by the city?????


P.Hill said...

Ow!! i hate it when things go wrong on the house. I work in the construction industry and as such i am expected to know about all these things. I don't! and always get found out :)

londonjogger said...

Hi Rae,
This is terrible! . Try to Stick to your guns and stay calm but MAKE them fix this! Don't pay them until you are happy with the work. Good Luck :)

Joggerblogger said...

That's a joke! - what a mess - I'd stick to your guns and make them redo it.