Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad Roofer Part 2

Well today gets even better than yesterday. He called E 2o times by nine am,then he said he wasn't going to deal with us anymore,while he was telling E all of that the roofer was sitting in our yard. !!!!!!!
He ran over a mustang door,and 2 finders that are in our driveway for our project mustang.We can not use these. :( They threw there lunch trash in our yard and it was McDonald's we do not eat there.. There is a slice in the roof from a razor knife.Then When I get home I get greeted by our kitties in the drive way.OMG!!!!!!! :( our boy cat took me around to the back of the house and ran up to the back porch door and looked up and all of the screens are torn out!!!!!!E took the kids to the local car show and was maybe gone and hour and a half.E called the police and they would not come out and make a report at first,now they did when it shown damage to the house.
E spoke to the building inspector and he said they were doing shotty work and recommended none payment till it was all fix.And they area that has shingles missing,they are missing because they knew that part of the roof was still leaking and chose not to tell us and try to make more money off of us.That's what the inspector said. The inspector is coming out next week,the mortage company is not going to release the rest of the check we have now since all of this has happened. We are getting an lawyer to handle the rest.
I am scared that this guy is going to do something while we are home.Sleeping. :( I will not be able to sleep tonight.I do not feel safe enough o go out and walk.OH yeah and the 5 gallons of gas in the gas can for the lawn mower is empty now. :(

so now we are going to do a once over in the yard and make sure the gas is not in cans or anything. I will update in the morning.Oh yeah he went to our neighbors and bad mouth us,and the one saw them all they way up in our driveway with with their trucks!!!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

That's terrible - hope you can get it sorted.

Joggerblogger said...

Hope that you girls have a great G.D.O @ Epcot - looking forward to all the gossip and photos. Take some of Nathan whilst drinking all the B's ;-)