Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quiet But Rainy

It has been quiet since Friday.I hope it stays that way.But I don't think it will.

It has been rainy here and windy.I hope not in the morning. I will be leaving to go to the Epcot 25th.I am going to get to meet all the podcast people and one from the boards. Then back in thee weeks for the race. We all forgot about the race for the taste in Epcot. That can be one for next year.

End this month with.
Good bye and the count down is on!! I can't wait! Jb will be there first then is us and Kate on that Thursday! My mileage for this month I believe is higher than Jb. For once! Only because he hurt his foot, glad you are better!!

I don't know if we are going to get any mileage in today with the weather.

Today I am posting from work. I am so bored one on one today.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad Roofer Part 2

Well today gets even better than yesterday. He called E 2o times by nine am,then he said he wasn't going to deal with us anymore,while he was telling E all of that the roofer was sitting in our yard. !!!!!!!
He ran over a mustang door,and 2 finders that are in our driveway for our project mustang.We can not use these. :( They threw there lunch trash in our yard and it was McDonald's we do not eat there.. There is a slice in the roof from a razor knife.Then When I get home I get greeted by our kitties in the drive way.OMG!!!!!!! :( our boy cat took me around to the back of the house and ran up to the back porch door and looked up and all of the screens are torn out!!!!!!E took the kids to the local car show and was maybe gone and hour and a half.E called the police and they would not come out and make a report at first,now they did when it shown damage to the house.
E spoke to the building inspector and he said they were doing shotty work and recommended none payment till it was all fix.And they area that has shingles missing,they are missing because they knew that part of the roof was still leaking and chose not to tell us and try to make more money off of us.That's what the inspector said. The inspector is coming out next week,the mortage company is not going to release the rest of the check we have now since all of this has happened. We are getting an lawyer to handle the rest.
I am scared that this guy is going to do something while we are home.Sleeping. :( I will not be able to sleep tonight.I do not feel safe enough o go out and walk.OH yeah and the 5 gallons of gas in the gas can for the lawn mower is empty now. :(

so now we are going to do a once over in the yard and make sure the gas is not in cans or anything. I will update in the morning.Oh yeah he went to our neighbors and bad mouth us,and the one saw them all they way up in our driveway with with their trucks!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tree Lady @ Animal kingdom

Have you seen the tree lady at Animal kingdom? I have and she is cool. I heard about her but Didn't get to see here until April 2006.I haven't seen her since.

It is so amazing her make up,her moves.It's neat.

Just in sharing mood. Had a bad day today. as posted in last post.:(

Bad Roofer,Bad Roofer...
This is funny when I need a good laugh I go here.

What would you do if your roof looked like this??

This is a part of the roof on the left side of the house.Does this look finished?? It does not look finished to me.It looks like it is missing a lot of shingles. here's another...

This is the other side of the roof on the right side ,does this look finished to you???? Not to me.

Here is another.......

This isn't the greatest picture can you see the missing shingles?? Would you be mad if your roofer did this to you???The neighbors roofs do not look goofy like this.Would you pay the roofer??Would you want it fixed?? The roof leaks worse than before. It looks like it is missing three rows of shingles.

This is the center of the roof.The tape measure is showing where the pitch of the roof starts,for the flat roof. Is it missing shingles? I think there are three rows missing. The roofer said that they can not shingle there,but they pulled up the shingles there.And dried it in,but would not put the shingles back. That big space runs across the whole top of the roof in between the pictures above. And the roof leaks. :(

This is a piece of wood that was used to hold down the blue tarps. The roofers said they didn't notice it.That's funny they dried in that part of the roof and again there is no shingles. Plus those are new nails in that piece of wood. That was over the kitchen .That is why It was leaking and the roofer said he is not responsible for it,or the damage from the roof leaking on the new ceiling in the kitchen.

This is a nail in the roof they said they didn't notice,in the roof.That is a part of the roof they dried in.Again no shingles,but a nice new shiny nail that was over the kitchen that was leaking.Again they say that they are not responsible.

So today we are being harassed by the contractor cause we are withholding the payment and the bank has not released the whole check.We have the city building inspector coming out to show us what is the pitch and why does the roof look so much different they everyone else's.

There is also a hump in the shingles,no one else has a hump.But the roofer now has offered to fix the roof for a extra amount, and he will eat some of the fee.With out a permit.NO PERMIT! Do you know the fines that would be placed by the city?????

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update.... Training

We went and trained today.

E:7.82 miles,20 min,,lvl.8
R: 6.93 miles,20 min.,lvl.6

E: 1.43 miles, in 20 min., fat burn program
R: .93 miles,in 20 min.,fat burn program

E: 1.43 in 15 min.,
R: .91 in 15 min.

For me tonight on the fat burn program,the program wants you to maintain a heart rate.Mine is 120.So to maintain it I had to go slower the time and I was able to keep it 120-123.
On the TM I ran 8 minutes out of 15.I had to walk the rest cause my right calf muscle became so tight I could not bend my foot.And I had to walk it off.They both use to do that,but now it is only the right one.

Miles this week:

Oh yes before I forget,I received my confirmation e-mail for c25.The last day was yesterday to register. I did mine last week and I was worried that I didn't make it and sent a second and I made it.WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

Cardio Day #2

I missed blogging yesterday.I was so tired from working I fell asleep when I got home.I haven't been feeling 100% lately either. I am so excited about going to the Epcot 25 I think that my have a hand in why I am not feeling well.

Monday Training {cardio Day #1,}
Bikes; 20 min.,lvl.7,random hills,6.25 miles,345 cal.
Elliptical: 20 min. fat burn program, 1.43 miles, 285 cal.
TM: 15 min.,hills,3.6- 4.1 speed,.93 miles.
Bikes:20 min.,lvl.8,random hills 7.40 miles
Elliptical: fat burn, 20 min. 1.53 miles
TM: speed 6.0,1.25 15 min.

Meals: {Monday}
B: bagel,cheese,ham,OJ
L:potatoes,green beans, chicken sausage
D: same as lunch,ice cream
Work miles : 7.25

Tuesday meals:
B: bagel,cheese turkey,OJ
L:peanut butter and jelly sandwich x2,
D: pizza,peanut butter cookies, ice tea.
Work miles: o forgot pedometer.

B: bagel and butter,Oj
L: Thai noodles,1/2 sandwich

Training we are working on cardio.Since the weather here has just been nothing but rain,rain,and more rain.So we are taking it in the gym and working on gaining more endurance in the cardio. I did not go yesterday I fell asleep when I got home from work.No excuse.
I will weigh myself on Friday again to see if I have lost anymore .I hope so. :)

C-you real soon Kate!!!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Miles this week:
E: 19.36
R:17.21, w:7.25

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Epcot Thing...{32}

I am able to go to the Epcot Thing.I am only going to be going on October 1st.I am so excited.There is so much planned. The best part of the whole trip is that I am going to get to meet Kate. Plus Lou and Nathan and alot of the board members. I wish to the JB and his family could be there, but we will see you 24 days afterwards!!!! :) I will be taking video of the event and I will try to post some of it. My family and Kate's family will not be joining us at TET. That's ok as I was told "girls day out".

Today was a flop for training .I has been storming here all day and we were out and about and didn't get home in time enough to go to the gym.So instead we moved the living room around.It looks a lot better.

B:bagel, one egg,cheese, cup of yogurt,banana, OJ
D: soup and a sandwich,ice tea.

Miles this week:
E: 0

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hot Wheels Day

Today was Hot Wheels Day at K Mart.

At 9 am they brought out a case of cars and everyone got to go through them.Well needless to say E bought 53 cars.

Bonus side I got a Minnie and a Mickey Christmas characters for the front porch.They are about three feet tall. Very cute.

I weighed in yesterday 218.Better than what I thought I was going to be.I knew that I had put some weight back on.
No training yesterday.I tried real hard to get out there but I was so tired my feet still hurt today.I wore my pedometer and it said I walked 18.02 miles.I am not if I believe that But I sure feel it today.

I was able to switch my my schedule around and I can go to the Epcot thing on Monday October 1st.It will be just me coming.I haven't been to anything like that.I will take pictures and do a small trip report from there since I can do that now. :) I and I have it all set up and figured out. I am excited and I can not wait to go!!!

My new silverware I found at a character premier store today.

B; bagel,eggs,waffle x2,hash brown.OJ

I will be going to the gym to do another round of cardio training.And I will update this later.
Keeping this short got to finish wallpapering the bathroom and moving furniture around.

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jsut Another Day {34}

Running Speed Work (Intervals)

Speed work (Intervals) is the third running training step, the icing on your training cake, to a faster race and better finish. You’ll put the finishing touches on your endurance and strength workouts with three to five weeks of speed training. Speed work will give you an extra gear to shift into during races or training duels.

I don't think I am ready for this.I haven't been able to a consistent runner yet. Thanks mgreene.I will use this for later training when I do become more consistent in running and training for the 1/2 in 2009.{At WDW}

Today I was off from work.I stepped down on my right foot wrong and across the toes hurt like you know what.
I have been tracking the miles I walk at work too.They have been tracking them at work and they let me also add the miles I do at home.I didn't realize how many miles I actually walked at work.In the 12 hours I am there in one hallway.

B: Thai noodles with an egg,OJ
L: weight watchers bread,with turkey and a half slice of cheese.{block cheese}
D: tacos,turkey,with low sodium taco mix,5 organic shells.
D: half the cal. peanut butter cheese cake.1/2 serving 150 cal.

E: bike,20 min.,6.66 miles,2 min. mile
elliptical: 20 min., 1.54,
TM: 8 min.walked @ 4.o 2min.,ran @6.0,6 min.,.75 mile

bike: 20 min.,6.87 miles,2 min. mile
elliptical: 20 min.,1.44
TM:15 min.,walked 2min., 2 intervals @90 sec. runs,speed @5.2, walked at 3.6-3.8,.92 miles

Back to work in the AM,then we get out there and do our 4 miles tomorrow when I get home.Then on Saturday we are going to do the full 8.1 miles,and then rest on Sunday.
I am gong to weigh myself in the morning and post it .I haven't done that in a while,I know I have put back a couple pounds.shame on me and I plan on correcting that. I want to set a goal,for what I want to drop by the race but I am not sure just what to set.

Miles this week:
E:25.63 w:10.27
R:35.82, w:5.75

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Update from Yesterday {35}

We walked 4 miles in the evening one hour and 5 minutes.Traffic was bad so we lost sometime.I noticed that I was able to run a little longer this time.I think it is because I am back in the gym doing cardio work.

L:pasta, turkey only half cup ice tea
D: homemade turkey meatball sub,milk
A: jello

B: english muffin with turkey,OJ
L: 1/2 meatball sandwich.100 cal cookies,
D:pork chop, brown rice,veggies.
S: banana yogurt

I am taking today off and hit the gym in the am for a cardio workout. getting final plans with E's family tonight for the trip.I am so excited!!!!!
Busy day at work today I am so tired.It was one after the other today.

Miles this week :
E: 16.68,w:6.25

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Does Tower Of Terror 13k Mean To You? {36}

Just as the tittle says.What does it mean to you?? Is it just another race,or is it your first,or your first at WDW?

Well for me this is going to be an emotional race.

Before I met E I was married.I thought he was Mr.Right. I would start to train, or workout in one way or another he was not a positive support. So 5 years later here I am. No 6 years,E and I have been together 1 1/2 yrs. And over weight. I gained my weight in that 5 years.

Last September we started walking,and biking. Then in October 06 we were putting out Halloween decorations I slipped and fell and I damaged my good knee.I already have a bad one. So I had had to have surgery to clean it up.I was off my feet all of October,and November.I did physical therapy.As soon as I got the ok I was back out walking.My Ortho. Doctor does not want me running if I can speed walk it go for it. I have been running.My knees haven't been the problems. While I was out I gained some weight back that I lost.

Then I was reading the DWT and how everyone was wanting to do the same thing I was. Then I came across Jonathan.He help as fuel to the fire to keep going.Then Kate. He inspired you to start a blog and he was doing the same to me.Then JB.The mileage man.And all his great pictures. I missed the 2008 1/2 m sign up from the muscle injury.I sure won't miss the 2009 1/2 M.We are doing the family fun run in AK in 2008.I want to be there and cheer everyone on from WDT.Help out to if I can. Plus that weekend is E's birthday weekend and I am trying to get a surprise set up for him while there that weekend. :)

So I cry over everything.I am emotional person. And when we get there I have to stay focus,and not get caught up in the Disney atmosphere. {I love WDW and I just can't get enough of being there}.I want to finish that race and I want a picture of me crossing that finish line, and then one with my medal and Mickey. I am a picture person.I have pictures of everything.

I want pictures of those of us from the blogs cause I never made friends before over the internet.And to meet you guys and knowing that we all have the same goal and the love for the same place makes it so overwhelming. :)

My friend who I made through my ex ,she will be more than happy to show off the picture of me with my medal to my ex. That will be the closing that I need on that chapter.

To top it all off E's family is coming.My Dad is just well he doesn't like WDW,and he hasn't been there to know if he will like it.My mom she just can't make it,next year she will.And this is my first official race.

So this is what is race means to me and my emotions are running high.

I am raising money for Jon and he doesn't even know it yet and I hope it stays that way till Dec.8th.I want to bring him a check,from the race and the pins on ebay. :)

Hot Wheels Day

Today was Hot Wheels Day at K Mart. At 9 am they brought out a case of cars and everyone got to go through them.Well needless to say E bought 53 cars.

Bonus side I got a Minnie and a Mickey Christmas characters for the front porch.They are about three feet tall. Very cute.

I weighed in yesterday 218.Better than what I thought I was going to be.I knew that I had put some weight back on.
No training yesterday.I tried real hard to get out there but I was so tired my feet still hurt today.I wore my pedometer and it said I walked 18.02 miles.I am not if I believe that But I sure feel it today.

I was able to switch my my schedule around and I can go to the Epcot thing on Monday October 1st.It will be just me coming.I haven't been to anything like that.I will take pictures and do a small trip report from there since I can do that now. :)

B; bagel,eggs,waffle x2,hash brown.OJ

I will be going to the gym to do another round of cardio training.And I will update this later.
Keeping this short got to finish wallpapering the bathroom and moving furniture around. I will update later and post some pictures.

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!

Monday, September 17, 2007

37 Days...

Yep the count down is on.

Cross Training day #2
Bike early am :8.46 miles in 25 minutes,elliptical 20 minutes 1.25 miles
this evening
E: bike: 8.68 25 minutes
R: bike: 8.15 25 minutes

This is where we stayed at the All star movies

B: 1 English muffin,slice cheese,coffee
L: 2 turkey HM meatballs.corn,ans noodles,ice tea
D: turkey

I have to say I am thinking about taking tomorrow off.My thigh muscles are sore today.But if I don't push I won't get better.It will depend on how I feel in the am.
I have stuck to getting up in the morning and eating breakfast early.So far so good. :)

Now I hope I do not run in to a low point.I was in one three weeks ago when I had to do all the traveling to N.Fl. and dealing with family just was the worse.I gain some weight back.8 pounds.I got on the scale today. :( I will work it off.

Hey since none of us are going to be there to see Jonathan ride RNR after the race lets take our picture out front.{I know we will be riding it}. :) I was looking at the 13k map.I was trying to remember if we are going to have to deal with some inclines.I have been training on the random hills so I should do ok.

Miles this week:
E:12.68, w: 3.42

Total for the month not counting work 81.11!!! I am on the heels of JB!!!!! Watch out!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Walking Day #2

I am not sure if my ipod was right today with the time on the stop watch.

I am in awe of it.I never thought I was going to be able to get to this point.I can remember when I was walking this in 90 minutes for just the 4 miles.I had to talk myself up to keep going tonight.And it worked.

Do you want to hear the time?? Well read it???

It gave me goose bumps when I looked at the time. Oh yea I was walking and jogging too.My jogging intervals were a little longer and walked more .I was having a hard time keeping my breathing in tune.This time E did not slow down, and I had to do my best to keep up with him and I had a rough time to keep a 3 persons length or I would have just got real slow.

TIME 1:00:37

Shaved off another 5 minutes.Can I maintain this??I sure want to.:)
I was so excited when we made it to the house I was without words.I get goose bumps now just thinking about it.

B:two engish muffins,with cheese and OJ
L:salad 1 tbsp of dressing,cinnamon bun{ bad I know}
D: home made meat balls,eggs noodles,veggie,1/2 glass milk
D: small piece of brownie,with frozen yogurt.
NO more desserts until next Sunday.

I was canceled today from work so While I was I still up I watch the Big fat looser.I tivo it. I was interested in how they were helping these people loose weight. The whole show was just so inspiring. after watching the show all I wanted to do was go in and jump on E and get him up and get out the door. It comes on Tuesday evenings here and it is worth watching. I have work with people that come in to the hospital that are heavier than some of the ones on the show and it is amazing to see them jogging. Yes jogging.

Miles this week:
R: 4

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Kate I caught up to you in mileage!!!!!I am just a 1/2 mile behind you!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Training.....

Good day!!!!

Training goes like this...
walk/jog 4 miles,1:05:03.This is the first time I have been able to add in some jogging in.Shaved off 3 minutes.I warmed up, then run 4 houses and walk about eight. I started to slow down, and E had to chime in and lets go,you can do this.He is the best. :)

I got a new pair of shoes.It was funny.We would try on the shoes and then walk around the store to see how they would do. I have a pair of adidas .They feel like I am walking on a well padded floor.Then for work I got a pair of brooks gel.

Well ADR"s {which means...} but I know what you are asking Kate.
The plan goes like this.Thursday the 25th we plan to arrive in the late afternoon.{Kids only have a half day and no school on friday}.Then check in and depending on what time it is hang out and go to the pool or hit a park.E's mom and sister are driving down from Virginia.E"s sister is running in the 13k with us and their mom is going to watch the little one while we do the run.Then on friday we are going to take them over to AK {they haven't been yet},then by 1p or 2p go back to the room and rest up for the MNSSHP. Saturday morning early is chef mickey,then Epcot and then back to the room to rest for the race.Their will be 5 of us in the race.Then on Sunday maybe park hop all day.Leave on Monday.Yes we all are staying at the POP.We are suppose to get an adjoining rooms.I can send you a message when we get up there.

B: missed
L: bagel,egg,cheese,OJ
D: pork chop,brown rice,veggie

I missed breakfast cause I did not get up early enough to stick to the schedule.I did get up at 7:30 though.Try again. I didn't get out in the morning either but I got out there.Try again

Here is a couple of pictures of the cats playing in some Disney bags today.And my pin bag.
Silly kitties.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!

Ending miles this week:
E: 8 miles
R: 29.02 miles

Oh yeah before I around everyone and hands in the middle and on the count of three lets say...for Jon main street awaits........ready 1..2...3.... MAIN STREET AWAITS !!

Great job everyone!!!!!! Great job!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tick Tock says The Clock

We are so close to the end of this month.Amazing.{ i'm in a hurry}

Today was a good day at work,home and in the gym.
I got up early and I was able to eat breakfast at home.Then I had my lunch at my morning break.And I ate dinner in the late afternoon.Now here comes the hard part.I have to do this tomorrow on my day off.{ugh} I am going to try really hard.I think part of why I have been unable to loose weight I was eating late in the evening.

B: 2 english muffins toasted with cheese.,OJ
L: chili,corn bread
D: pizza,one cookie,ice tea.
D: lemon pudding

in the gym
Bike: 20 minutes,random hills,lvl.6, 6.88 miles
elliptical:20 minutes,lvl.10 1.25
Work: 3.40

When I get up in the morning early for breakfast I thought I would try to get out the door for a early walk.Key word try.I want to get my 4 miles to at least one hour.I am going to try adding in some running in it to help cut my time down.Again try.

Thank you everyone for all the kind words. :) It makes me smile.

Train Hard,Have fun,stay injury free!!!

Miles this week:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

TOT 13K is Now Full!!!

Yep just as the tittle says.I got the email this morning.They also have the course map up.
This is the link.

I forgot about the race for the taste 10k Oct.7th.That would be fun to do as well.But I don't think we will make that one this year.

I have added more pins to my Ebay and I have the link listed if you look to the right.->
I will be adding more as I get the time to post them. :)

Training yesterday well didn't happen.Kids school and school for me just took over and today I am going to have a house full of kids no school today.{oh boy}We haven't had any of their friends here since the construction going on here and it isn't finished but I rather have them all here than on the conner.

B: 1 c of eggs,1/2 c of grits,OJ,
L:toast and peanut butter,ice tea
D: HM chili and cornbread.{It's slow cooking right now!!!}

Well the roof now has a temp.patch so it will not be pouring in every time it rains.So now we will have time to get the insurance company out to appraise it. :) Thanks Kate!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

walked 4 miles in 1:08 minutes.
First item sold!!!!!WHOOHOOOO!!!

Miles this week:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Up and Running

I am back up and running.We had to go buy a XP CD and reloaded it in to my computer and Hal came back to life!{ Hal is my computer}Now I am working on loading all my favorite pages and my on line classes etc... Later today we will set up the back up computer and use that on for the kids with the parental control program we have.Don't worry they won't get on the Internet on Hal.It won't let them.

JB I am so glad that you are OK and you did not get hurt in the car accident.Sorry that your car is totaled but it is replaceable you are not.

Worked the last 2 days.Monday work miles 5.25,Tuesday 4.25.

B: oatmeal.banana,OJ
L:ham wrap,blue chips,ice tea,cookie
D:Lemon peppered chicken,potatoes,veggies.

B: oatmeal,banana,OJ
L:left overs from dinner
D:salad,pasta with smoked mozzarella cheese sauce.

B:hot tea and toast,with PB

Training today I am getting ready to go to the gym and do an hour on the elliptical.Then we are going to walk it out!!!!

I can't believe it is already the middle of the month.I am so excited for next month to get here.MY first race. I am worried that I won't make it.I am worried that I will get caught up in the characters,they are my weakness.I am so excited these are some of the things that go through my head.I know that I can walk this whole thing in the time allotted.But I don't have any distractions.I will there.It almost over whelming.
We are going to the MNSSHP on the Friday before.My daughter wants to be Bell.My son wants to be a pirate,I don't know what I want to do.E want to go as a Wal Mart greeter.HAHAHA What are you guys going as and which MNSSHP are you going to??

Mileage this week:

Runner's World Kick In Th Butt:
"What matters is not the necessarily the size of the dog in the fight,it's the size of the fight in the dog"
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yesterday the computer crashed,it has a temporary fix till I go get a windows xp to get the other computer up and running.

We had a good long hard rain.And guess what.....The roof is leaking.Yes I can not believe it.Now the flat roof in the back is leaking and probably has since the hurricane.Now E has to contact the insurance compant to come back out and look again and give a estimate for that.It leaked through the new ceiling in the kitchen. :(

We were up late yesterday getting the house back into order so no training yesterday or today.And back towork in the am.But everything looks great.

Mileage this week:

I will track my work mileage tomorrow and plus maybe get out there and cross train.
since this is a temp fix I have no pictures to up load. :(

Saturday, September 8, 2007

On The Computer Today

Happy weekend!! I m actually off this whole weekend.

We are putting the house back together.All the ceilings are painted,the roof is done and now we are just waiting on the insurance to release the the last part of the check.Today we do the wall paper in the bathroom.

This is my new shower certain.

This is the shower certain rings.

Work miles yesterday 5 miles.
Today we may walk the 8 miles again.

B: cinnamon bun and OJ
L: sandwich,ice tea

Londonjogger glad you are doing better,JB feel better.

Kate Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I like to read everyone's blog to see how we all are doing .I know I have been real busy lately and I have been unable to blog like I was doing.I will work on getting better at that.I get inspired by everyone and I hope to help keep everyone inspired.

I have only put up one of the large pins on ebay later today I will put the rest of them up there.I am going to ask Lou if I can post them on his site too. it's pyrple04car and if you search for a person or seller you can find me and I will try to get the link up. Should I compare the size of this pin to a regular size one?

Those of us who are going to the TOT next month.Do you all want to share cell numbers to contact each other while at the Kingdom??If so we can e mail each other and exchange them.

Train hard,have fun.,stay injury free!!!!

Miles this week:{My week ends today}

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not At My Computer

Well tonight I am blogging from my blackberry. THis is cool. We have been training and shaving off the minutes.I am so excited about the race next month. I took today off.I am tired from work and my feet hurt. Meals have been good and I haven't skipped breakfast.I am trying to get in to the routine of eating before I leave to go to work.I have been able to get up earlier.Its a work in progress.

Miles this week:
E: 12
R: 12,work:10

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Some pics have been updated on E's my space, and I have a pin on ebay for sale!!!! Look under purple04car!!!!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!!!

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Here we all are a new month.The last month before the big 13k.I have been reading everyone's blogs to catch up.We have been so busy trying to get the final touches done on the house so we do not have to worry about it.I will be posting more pictures on E"s my space later today of the bathroom and the customs E has been working on.Yes and our kitchen ceiling is just about done too.

Our roof is done but it did not pass inspection and the roofer has t come back out and correct the errors and they have not done that.The mortgage company is releasing the rest of the money to pay them but we will not pay them till we pass inspection.Then on with the next phase will be closing in the back patio to make another room.

Ok last night we got out there and did 8 miles.We did it in 2:03:12!!!!WE shaved off 11 minutes!!!! That is speed walking.I threw in a small jog at the end.Today is cross train on bikes.

We are down to the last month before the race and I am so pumped up I can't hardly stand myself.I want to shave off more time.I am thinking of the inclines in the road to account for.So random hills here I come.

Also I have mention that I came up with the idea of help raising money for the race.I did.I have an ebay account and I will be selling the large Disney pins on their.I have 4 large ones I want to sell.Plus I am asking everyone at work to sponsor us at the run.I have made a list and those who do sponsor us I will post the list and send them thanking notes.But here's the good part.As long as no one tells Jonathan, I will bring all the money that We have raised,to the Mousefest and present it to him in front of everyone there.I will video tape that and post it.How cool would that be????I will also provide him with the list of people that sponsored us.Well thoughts???Comments??Wanna help???? Oh yes my ebay name is purple04car.
I have a new phone so now when I go out of town I can be in contact.I also can reach the internet from my phone and respond to e mails and blog.I also have messenger too.It's cool.I would like to get the I phone but I am waiting to get that.Waiting on the second generation of it.

Also I bought my domain name.I am trying to do other things with making that a legal non profit business to continue collecting for the cause.It has been very busy classes,kids in school and construction it's busy.

Everyone out there have a blast and a great day!!!!!!!

Train hard, have fun, stay injury free!!!!!!!

Mils this week:
E: 8

Miles for the month of August work and training total is 111.20
E total for August is 56.27.