Sunday, August 12, 2007

WE Did It!!!!!

8 Miles!!!!!!!!! WE did it!!!!!!!! 8 Miles!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

I am so excited.Towards the end there I was getting excited and I was getting faster.I was seeing the Tower of Terror and there was no stopping me. In the beginning my outer calf muscles were on fire.They didn't loosen up all most 3 miles in to the walk.When we made it back to McDonald's we were at 1.10.00.Then we got back and had to go to the stop sign to make it an 8.1 miles,I ran the last little bit,and our final time was 2.18.55.I use the stop watch on my ipod.And it keeps track of each time I use it.This was the first time that I ever walked that much all at once.

2.18.55!!!!!! That is the first time we have done the whole thing. :)

Meals today we not the best either.I have made up my mind that I have too get back on meal track.

B: out,yogurt with granola,fried potatoes ,OJ 2 muffins
L: pretzel dog,lemonade.
D: Cesar salad,ice tea
S: donut.

Need I say anymore.....

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!!!!!!

Miles this week:
E: 8
R: 8


Anonymous said...

Wonderfull Rae... you did it..

londonjogger said...

thats real progress Rae- Congrats :)

Rae! said...


Joggerblogger said...

8 spankers :-D sweet! well done.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! What a terrific job Rae. You probably could've done the 1/2M. WHOO HOO!!