Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trip Report

I am back and it was busy the whole time I was there.

The morning I arrived I picked up my Mom and drove her to the hospital and I stayed there till she was all checked.Then I went back to my Dad's and spent the rest of the day with him.Then went back to pick up my Mom and brought her home,and I think I just fell asleep after that.The next day I went out and about to see how much the area grew,I walked almost 2 miles.My Dad isn't active enough for what all he sits around and eats.Anyway....Then I met my Dad back at his house and He had received his newspapers to fold.2800 to be honest.we started to fold them at 5:30 p and got done at about 9p.Not to bad.My Mom could not do them since she her arm was sore from surgery.

I left early Friday morning and drove over to Epcot.Well I was surprised at my reaction when I saw spaceship earth.NO ARM,NO WAND. My first time seeing Epcot was 2005,and it had the arm and the wand. I got over it and I ran over to Soarin.I really like that ride. It was only 9:30a and it already had a 30 minute wait.They changed the pictures on the wall ,and the music.They went from small pictures to large ones .I forgot to get pictures of that.

Then I left and rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. And then I took the ferry boat to the MK.I got a new transportation card.
Then I got to see something,that I have only heard about happening.Dreams being past out.I was behind this family that walked up to a cast member who had on a hat and this huge pin bag.I wanted to see his pins.I waited.{this is the first time I was there with out my family}
The cast member asked the mother of the group if the girls had lunch with the princess.She said no that is what they wanted to do today.The cast member said great do you know about the year of a million dreams they said yes and the CM said Great!!!Have lunch in the castle with the princesses on Disney.The family was standing there like no that's ok,I spoke up and said take it.He is issuing your family a wish.They took it.Then the CM walked over and gave a couple a wish too.I was so excited.I was more excited than the people getting the wishes granted.

Just before we docked a little girl walked up to the CM and she was looking at his pins and she told him it was her birthday.The CM said oh it is And pulled out of his big bag a bag of buttons and gave her a button for her birthday and granted her a wish for her birthday,he gave her lunch with the princesses and the little girl's mom began to cry.Then the CM got on his radio,he first asked her does she like cake the little girl said yes.The CM got on the radio and said this is dream 50 and on wish number {what number was} and said that they need to make sure they give her a wish birthday cake,with priority seating,v.i.p. status. I congratulated them while the Mom was in tears. That was so cool. I was wishing that my family could have been there. Now I know what they look like and dress.

My Dad wanted to eat out most of the time,I ate like I was at home,Then he ate late too and no exercise.I walked.
No gym.So when we go up to Disney I am going to either find my gym there or pay to use the the one in the resorts.

The roof is done now we have to wait on the mortgage company to issue the rest of the money to pay the roofer.the roof looks good and today it is raining.But they have to come back and fix the gutter they messed up.

I will finish up my trip report later got to run the inside roof is getting painted and I am allergic to the latex in the paint.It will kill me if I breathe it in.I have a mask to put on.But I am going to leave the house for a while.{ more pictures and info I got while there}

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

Glad you're back safe and had a good trip.

I've only ever seen Spaceship earth with wand it will take some getting used to the way it now.

Rae! said...

I so agree with that.It really looks different.

Anonymous said...

So is everything ok with your Mom then? I assume it went well.

I'm so happy you took some time for you to go to WDW. Sounds like you had a great time.

I once saw a wish granted too and it was great. I was so happy for the family. So cool that you got to see it twice.