Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trip Report #2

Well to finish off my trip report,I walked down Main Street and did some pin trading and I saw the Chef of the Fire department ,the Mayor,and 2 of the ladies on the old fire truck.I took a picture and a man walked right in to the picture as you can see.

I went over and ate at the Bakery.Yummy goodies.I was bad and Had a huge Cinnamon bun,and a breakfast sandwich.I took a picture of the cinnamon bun.While eating I saw the morning show on Main Street.It was cute.I did some more pin trading.

I took a picture of what I saw to my left.And I rode the monorail back to Epcot and stared to head home.TOT here we come!!!!

The inside ceiling is done and the kitchen ceiling is next.We got the wall paper for the bathroom and now e need to hang it.After that I will post pictures.

Today we started back on training.Miss two weeks miss a lot.I can bearly make it to the stop sign again.{jogging} We walked 2 miles tonight.Back in the gym tomorrow. It's very humid here and there is no breeze outside.{Yuck}

B: eggs patotes,yogurt,granola,juice.
L: blizzard{ very bad}
D: pasta,chicken,and peas,ice tea.

Miles this week:
E: 2
R: 2

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!


Joggerblogger said...

That cake looks sweet! Well done on getting back out training again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's hard to get re-started and the humidity doesn't help any. ;-)

londonjogger said...

if i hit my weight target in the next few weeks i'm gonna celebrate with a bun just like that :)