Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Roof Is On Fire!!!

Good day !! It's sunny,birds are singing,and the roof is coming off!!!!! wooohooooo!!!!!

I was so tired yesterday that we didn't go to the gym or walk.It was an off day.I am trying to get up and get in the gym.The men are working on the bathroom and all is moving along here.

Bad meal choices today.
B: donuts
L: pizza

Training"{ update}

This is short !!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!


erock said...

Love the pics today! Don't worry about the meal choices today. We all need a day to have fun.

Anonymous said...

Good chance to air out the house a little too! ;-)

Joggerblogger said...

We don't need no water let the... :-)
Hope it's all going well... look forward to seeing a pic of the roofless house.

jogblog said...

Donuts and pizza sound like good meal choices to me :-)