Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Little Black Rain Cloud....

Again, no contact from the contractor.This is really rubbing me wrong.This is no way to run a business. :(

On a happy note we ordered the Mickey wall paper for the bathroom.It will be here in about 2 weeks.

B: smoothie
L: smoothie
D: cajun spice,Alfredo ,with chicken.
S: chocolate cake,ice cream

walked the 4 miles tonight. There was to many negative things in the air and I just walked my normal walk and the time was 1.17.33.I was going to run a little but it just didn't work out.I was going to pull the kids running cards tonight.{ugh}

I haven't heard anything on the storm,so I guess it's not as bad as they thought,not sure.But just in case we got water,batteries,and a lot of can stuff.Gas for the grill.All that fun stuff.

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
" Bid me run and I will strive with things impossible" Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

Mileage this week:


erock said...

Do you have another contractor lined up? My mother had a lot of work done on our house when I was little and we had some real losers (not showing up, stealing jewelry, etc.)

Rae! said...

NO we don't we are lock in and half of the roof is done.She needs to bring the permit for it so we can get an inspection and the guys can finish putting down the shingles and be done with it.It was all suppose to be by friday.She lied.:(

Joggerblogger said...

Hope it works out for ya...fingers crossed

londonjogger said...

oh man - builders! the same the world over ! good news the storms headed away.