Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy August!!!!!

Here we go a new month!!!! Today wasn't so bad.

At the Doctor's today clean bill of health.The Doctor's scale says I weigh more,but I lost weight since the last visit 2 weeks ago.My scale has me less,and down to 215. Yes!!!!Now it will take about a week for the blood test to come back and it depends on what they say on how she is going to help me with the weigh loss.she is all for the gym,and the running as long as I do not injure the knees.The first time I injure the knees and she finds out from me or the bone doctor she will pull my running card.But I must loose the weight to gain the distance I need.So she is going to help me after the labs.

B: bagel w/cream cheese and cup of coffee
L: chicken tenders,ice tea
D: salad bar,muffin,ice tea mixed with strawberry lemonade,and pudding.
There I didn't skip a thing!!!!! :)

Training just a quick around the block .Half mile,and back to finishing up the bathroom.

Saturday I am ordering Mickey wall paper,and Border for it.I have already ordered the shower curtain,towels and matching extras. It's gonna look cool.

Well those of us going to Mouse Fest should also meet and all probably will since we all are there for the same thing.

By the way one for the customs to be made is the truck in the far off view in the picture above.
I will post some of the customs that have already been made and in the works except the special ones!!! :)
This is just a few pictures I have for the Photoathon.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

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Anonymous said...

You're way ahead of me. I still need to take some running pics.

Good news from the Doc. I hope the tests come back ok too.

Yes, good job on the food. ANd I love lemonade and iced tea too -- but I try to stay away from caffeine.

Cool -- you did a half mile. :-)

Bathroom sounds like it will be great. Please take pics.