Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Got An Award

Online School
Presented by: Online School

Well check this out. My blog is in the top 50 Disney Blogs.


Amanda said...

Congratulations, that's pretty cool :)!

Chris said...

did you thank the academy, the big guy upstairs....that kind of thing? :-)


Do I get an award for being an awesome poster on a top 50 Disney blog? LOL

Richard said...

Is it OK to say I knew Rae before she was famous?

DisneyPixarFanatic said...

Wow! Amazing! I hope to be in your position one day. Great job!
Please check our blog out if you ever get the chance..

Running Diva Mom said...

too cool - congrats! Just found your blog. I'm a runner that makes annual trips to WDW with my family. Love the disney races, despite the early wake up calls!