Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Number Crunching..Get My Burn On

During the last few days I have been crunching numbers. My calorie numbers and my calorie burn numbers.

I have to figure out how to get my to complete burn on a daily basis. My daily burn is 2650. While at work for 12 hours and I do sit alot. In turn I am running around. If I have to run to the lab, or blood bank, I take the stairs. I take the long way, no short cuts. Then there are days I can not leave the desk.
My daily burn on work days has been 2337. With 5145 steps. Goal steps 10,000. This is without exercise. When I am not working my burn is 1800-2000 .Steps 2000-3000 with exercise. That's with a run, and one half of exercise or 2 hours. With out exercise I am lucky to get to 1600 burn for the day. That's a lazy day. Holy Cats!!

SO as much as I am not a early morning person, I am going to try to do my little 2 miler in the early morning hours, if I do not fall sleep in the evening after work do my workout. See if that helps. In the mean time I am going to visit my Doctor, do labs and stuff. I am going to take her the numbers and go from there. And find out what to do with the female part too.

Gee No wonder I am not getting the weight loss,{never mind the female parts are not helping}

And looking at my calorie in take. Not as good as I thought. I have been all over the place. 1160, 1650,1882, 2375, 900. My intake is 1625. With a allowance of 50 over. That way I keep my balance. I also noticed that I am not eating enough veggies again. SO this part I will take to my nutritionist and try to find a happy medium.

No matter how many races I train for, or run. I need to get my numbers right to get the burn on.


-J.Darling said...

Hang in there!
Finding balance is the hardest part!

Chris said...

Tough to get into a groove when you've got a crazy schedule. That's pretty much what happened to me the past couple of months with all the darn meetings. Not to mention the meeting food sux! and they wheel in brownies 2 hours after lunch! LOL

Recognition of the pattern though is the first step to correction, so you're already on your way. Keep working at it and it'll be right before ya know it.

Amanda said...

It is tought to find the balance. Hope you get things worked out and feel like you're back on track soon.

Don't give up - it'll come together!