Thursday, July 22, 2010


Rae's Place is moving. Yes that's right this blog is moving. Time to change.

Here is where I am moving to Rae's Place

With that….

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well did I ever mess up big. Nothing new. =(

Wine And Dine Half Marathon

This is what I get for listening to others. =( Distraction.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Numbers

I finally found the charger to my body bug. I do not have numbers for the last couple days on that end.
I have weighed in this morning and I am down another 1.9 lbs. YAY!!! I am on track by the WII and the body bug. So my total so far is 4.1 lbs. My mileage for this week is 11.39. I didn't count today since I won't do that till later this evening.

I got some sleep last night!!! I feel pretty good today. Got some running around to do then I will be back on the Wii. On the Wii I have been doing the yoga,strength, and Aerobics. On the free run I have found that I can get a pace going on the treadmill. The WII can read it!!! I have to much fun.

E is down a 1.5 lbs and a total of 6 lbs. Guys you can drop it way faster!! Grrr....

Since I know alot of us have the Wii,we should trade Wii numbers so we can possibility do a Wii challenge?? =)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last night was fun. I do not know why Matt did think of having Skype meets earlier. It just helped.
I haven't crunch numbers yet. It's just late and I want to sleep.

I am looking into sending Sgt. a box of Goodies from Team Voice, so if you would like to add anything please let me know. I would like to get it out in 2 weeks.

I did a 4 miler tonight. Took me an hour. My lungs just hate me. I need to go get some claritin. I breathe better on it.

I like having a buddy. I think this is going to work. =)

Oh yeah, I am thinking about doing the sprint duathlon this weekend. Not sure if I am ready. Still having back flash backs from the swim. Yeah the triathlon messes with me and my duathlons too. I do plan on getting back out there and get that sprint under my belt. I have too. I know once I do it I am good. Ironman is still calling me. No yelling at me!!! I will get it.

Have a good night!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Day Of My Work Week

Sitting here at work, bored.
This is what I did last night.

Incline running and sprints
5 minute warm up on incline 5 speed 3.2 . So I did it none stop, .26
10 min. Light jog incline 0.
None stop @ 4.0,distance .92
3min. Light jog same pace incline 4, did it distance now 1.10
3min. Light jog incline 6,speed 3.6,distance 1.40
3 min. Light jog slower pace incline 8, speed was 3.2 distance now 1.59
10 min. Sprints incline 8 fast as you can, 30 sec on,30 off, speed 4.0, distance 2.37
Last light jog no incline, speed 4.0,last minute 4.1
Final distance 3.01

Got to get the lungs condition better.

Yesterday's numbers
Burn: 2240
In: 1610
Not as good as the day before. But the burn was close. I know today will not be a high burn day since I am doing one on one today at work.

Alright this is going to be a long 12 hour shift.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Weigh day: 2.2

Finally!! Actual loss!!

calorie burn Friday: 2775


calorie intake: 1625

I am on it!! The last 2 days have been these numbers. Now if I can keep this going I may see new results!!

Ok I am registered for The Winw and Dine Half, I have the time off and everything!! I am so excited!!!

I ran, really ran 3.02 miles last night. {44:35 and my avg. pace was 14:43, getting faster.}It was like a hot sauna last night. E rode his bike with me. I looked like I jumped in a pool. I had to take 3 walk breaks my lungs were on fire I worked through it. I did like 3 hours of Wii yesterday. It is so much fun for exercise!!

Today I am running sprints and doing some more Wii. I have been working on my upper body and balance. I like the run on the Wii too. I did a short run that was 1.5 miles it was funny if I got ahead of the Mii I was suppose to follow I would fall down. haha

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Am Zero

I am blogging from my IPhone this morning. Yesterday we went and picked up this little number.(Wii)
I was sceptic on it's accuracy. It is darn close. So close it was dead on.
The body bug and the Wii are almost right on with each other in numbers. So I went back and adjusted by body bug a little.
It ask you questions, does this balance test. I knew my balance has been off,I can tell when I ride my bike. I favor my right leg.
So here are the numbers that my Wii gave me yesterday. My BMI is 31.25. That's great! Yes it's still obese for me, but looking back I had started out at a BMI of 38.3 and the gym did a measurements last year, my BMI was 32.1.
My weight is by the Wii is 199. That means I am -1. SWEET!!
I have been working really hard on the body bug program and my goal is a pound a week.
I stayed on the Wii for an hour yesterday. I will be back on it here shortly. It told me I need to burn calories with aerobic, and work on my balance, and something else.
I have only ran 2.0 miles this week. I know!!! I know!! I am going to get out the door and do 4 miler today no matter how hot it is, or how long it's going to take.
I have some new found steam and reason to get out the door. What is it Rae?? First I am doing this for me. I love running. Why?? I am not quite sure why, I may have that answer later. I like the way I feel after I am done. I do not care what I look like to other people. I am out there doing it. I am going to sweat like crazy, smell like a wookie, maybe sore and tried but I DID IT. And no one on this planet E-arth will ever be able to take that away from me.
I was able to speak to a couple Team Voicers last night. It was great! Thanks so much Matt and Jeff. Jeff pop on first and then Matt.
It fueled the fire to keep going. It gave me some strength to want to keep going. And I realized after talking with them why I push so hard to keep Team Voice alive. Why? Because we all love Disney. Our main number one common ground, "get it" friends. Second we all together choose to do these races,no matter what our level of running or walking is, share our highs and lows. Specially those days when you get mad and training went wrong from the moment you started and you get in and go "why am I doing this?" "I am going to throw in the towel I am done"," I quit". We all have done it. I have I know I did earlier this year. Then you get a text or an e mail and it's one of your online virtual team mates asking," How are you?"" How did today go? "
That is the point you realize other people are also counting on you no matter how bad your training run/walk was. Your teammates want to know you did it no matter how long it took, and they help you see what, where things went wrong and learn from it.

So I am back starting at Zero going to do this and do it right so maybe I can inspire you to come and be apart of the best virtual running Team/ Club.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Number Crunching..Get My Burn On

During the last few days I have been crunching numbers. My calorie numbers and my calorie burn numbers.

I have to figure out how to get my to complete burn on a daily basis. My daily burn is 2650. While at work for 12 hours and I do sit alot. In turn I am running around. If I have to run to the lab, or blood bank, I take the stairs. I take the long way, no short cuts. Then there are days I can not leave the desk.
My daily burn on work days has been 2337. With 5145 steps. Goal steps 10,000. This is without exercise. When I am not working my burn is 1800-2000 .Steps 2000-3000 with exercise. That's with a run, and one half of exercise or 2 hours. With out exercise I am lucky to get to 1600 burn for the day. That's a lazy day. Holy Cats!!

SO as much as I am not a early morning person, I am going to try to do my little 2 miler in the early morning hours, if I do not fall sleep in the evening after work do my workout. See if that helps. In the mean time I am going to visit my Doctor, do labs and stuff. I am going to take her the numbers and go from there. And find out what to do with the female part too.

Gee No wonder I am not getting the weight loss,{never mind the female parts are not helping}

And looking at my calorie in take. Not as good as I thought. I have been all over the place. 1160, 1650,1882, 2375, 900. My intake is 1625. With a allowance of 50 over. That way I keep my balance. I also noticed that I am not eating enough veggies again. SO this part I will take to my nutritionist and try to find a happy medium.

No matter how many races I train for, or run. I need to get my numbers right to get the burn on.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Saturday

Here it is the weekend again. I am working all weekend. Sitting here.
Calorie count on target. Weigh in this am and no change.
Teen got a Wii, and it came with resort sports and sports. We were boxing, and man are my arms sore today. It was fun.
Tonight last night of week one sprints. Then week 2 .
I started over with the sprints, noticing that the body didn't forget. Feels good to feel that. Instead of feeling sore and wore out all the time.
I will miss the duathlon tomorrow. I hope everyone has fun tomorrow.
Have a great Saturday.