Saturday, May 8, 2010

One More Week....Updated

Happy Saturday!!!

Today FJ turns 18!! Yes indeed. What a mile stone!!!

Also today was my first group ride. It was suppose to be hour and a half but bearly made it an hour. Why?? My Derailer is acting up again. So as soon as the shop opens in it goes so it will be ready for next time and the race. It is different riding with a group than alone, or just spinning on the trainer. I was feeling a bit unsafe to scale the causeway today because I could not get the gears to go back to a lower one so I could control coming off the causeway. I came back in and E and I messed with it. I do not know the mileage we ran for 20 minutes. Everyone else did it in the allotted time .Me it took me 25:26. I am going to burn and and disappear in this heat. I will be headed back down later today for the pool session. Here we will make the decision when I should try another triathlon sprint distance. Magui will be the one to let me know she is the coach. Hi Magui!! {waving}
I think this is what I needed to get my motivation back. I lost it some time ago and I was wondering if it was ever going to come back to me.

Things have gotten busy here again. FJ is just having such a hard time. I think it has alot to do with the fact today he is 18. But I do not know. So when he gets home then we will celebrate his birthday.

Well next weekend is the race. As far as I know we are going and I will be getting my stuff and watching the race on Sunday and coming home.

I see that some of the other Team Voice members are getting back on track. I am so happy to see this. That means this October is going to be awesome!! I can't wait!! It will be great to see you all again and see those we have not seen in a year and meet the new little addition ! Should we get things together and do some virtual events?? Input please!!

Have a wonderful and Happy Mother's Day!!!! I am going to grab a nap!!!

Well I made it back in the water. For some weird reason it was hard. I have never done that or been through anything like this. I mean I know what it feels like to hit the wall, but man this is different. I got in the water floated, did a couple small things. I will leave it at that. I did I got back in maybe this is what I needed. I feel pretty good right now. :)


Richard said...

Good going with the swim, water anxiety can be tough to get over, but you can and will get past it.

Enjoy the race next weekend, Im races are an event to be enjoyed for athletes and spectators alike--and bring a cowbell to ring if you have one!

Amanda said...

So glad to hear that you're getting back on track. It sounds like things are turning around for you. Get that bike fixed and it'll be even easier.

Good job getting back in the water. Baby steps - you can do it.

Happy birthday to FJ. Hope he had a good birthday.