Monday, May 10, 2010

My 5.0 Is Gone Forever

My 5.0 mustang is gone forever. It was not a pretty site. Bent push rods, pistons side ways in the motor. Not pretty at all.

Shaking my head.

Now I face what am I gonna do for transportation. The rental goes back on the 22 and then what? That's the day before the race.

Now I have to get the heads checked to see if they are any good.

It seems this is the year for challenges for me.

So when income tax rolls in I am going to try to buy the 2011 new 6 cyl. Mustang. In the grabber blue. I fell in love with that car.

So I will try to figure out what to do about a ride til then.

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Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about your car. That sucks. Hope your luck turns around soon!